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Find paragraph descriptions of all our reviews of current home theater projectors (and some older ones). Projectors are listed in chronological order.

Sony VPL-VW1100ES  11/22/14  This is Sony’s top of the line true 4K projector.  Awesome viewing experience. 2D, 3D. Razor sharp, gorgeous color! optional 4K media player & download service. Want better? Buy an IMAX theater!

Epson Home Cinema 3500  10/30/2014  Highlights of this new Epson projector include a street price under $1700, “light cannon” brightness with almost 3000 measured lumens, Epson’s Super-Resolution, 3D, and improved black levels.

Optoma HD141X  10/12/2014  This projector has native 1080p resolution, aka Full HD.  With a street price between $599 and $650 online, this DLP projector is suitable for movie viewing, HDTV, and gaming!  It will even double as a business projector in a pinch.

BenQ HT1075  10/6/2014  Ultimately replacing the popular BenQ W1070, this projector has appeal for both the home entertainment and home theater markets. Extremely bright, excellent color, and excellent value overall. Hot Product Award!

Epson Pro Cinema LS10000  9/9/2014  This is a breakthrough projector for Epson, on several levels:  4K processing, and viewing 4K content, dual laser light source, and quartz reflective panels.  All great, but its the picture that truly impresses. The Pro Cinema LS10000 is a 1500 lumen projector that starts shipping in the second half of October 2014.

LF PF85U  8/28/2014  The PF85U Projector has a long life LED light source, but what stands out most are the smarts of this large “pocket” projector which claims 1000 lumens. We consider the PF85U for  home entertainment use, but it doubles nicely as a portable business projector.

Four Home Theater Projector Comparison  7/15/2014  We get to compare home theater projectors that sell between $2000 and $3999,  from four of the top projector manufacturers: BenQ’s W7500, Epson’s Home Cinema 5030UB, Optoma’s HD91, and Sony’s VPL-HW40ES.

Sony VPL-HW40ES  7/10/2014  The VPL-HW40ES projector an LCoS home projector for under $2500 (US). Impressive, right out of the box.

Optoma HD91  6/12/2014  The HD91 is a DLP home theater projector who’s claim to fame is its 20,000 hour LED light engine.  A very interesting projector, the HD91 has an MSRP of $3999.  Special Interest Award!

Sony VPL-HW55ES vs. Epson Home Cinema 5030UB  3/29/2014  This is a battle of what Art considers the two best projectors in terms of performance and value, in the $2000 – $3500 street price range. Both projectors offer extensive feature sets, and a first rate picture.

BenQ W7500  3/19/2014  This home theater projector is new for 2014.  An extremely bright DLP projector, it replaces one of our favorite projectors in last year’s Best Home Theater Projectors report. Great value proposition for the $2000-$3500 range.

Sony VPL-VW600ES  3/5/2014  This home theater projector offers true 4K for about $15,000.  If you have the budget, this is the projector to own. Astounding picture quality. Hot Product Award!

Elmo BOXi T-200  1/6/14  This value priced pico-pocket projector offers very good color, HDMI, WXGA resolution. A lower powered, and lighter than most Pocket LED projectors, it delivers on its 150 lumen claim suitable for some presenting. Low input lag makes it a fine, highly portable gaming projector. Business or home! Special Interest Award.

Optoma GT760  12/27/2013  A 720p (1280×720) resolution DLP projector optimized for gamers. Low input lag, 3D, good feature set, and a street price in the mid-$600’s  This is about the higher end of 720p gaming projectors.  Special Interest Award!

BenQ W1500  12/25/13  Home Theater or Entertainment, the Wireless HDMI and creative frame interpolation, and more zoom range built on the W1070’s picture. If you want the extras, and the Wireless HDMI saves you bucks installing, it’s worth the difference in price.

Optoma HD131Xe  12/16/13  This 3D capable 1080p projector is an entry level 1080p resolution projector for home entertainment and gaming.  Some strengths (black levels…) and weaknesses (color accuracy…) But then if “entry level” projectors didn’t have faults, they wouldn’t be entry level!

Sony VPL-HW55ES  12/7/13  This $3000+ “entry level” Sony home theater projector is serious. Brightest calibrated picture, one of the best all around pictures available under $4000 if not the best. A must consider, in your budget. Hot Product Award!

Epson Pro Cinema 4030  11/12/13  Replacement for the older PC9350, it is a major step up. Impressive black levels, great color, 3D, It’s an excellent value, even comes with a spare lamp, 2 pair of 3D glasses and ceiling mount. Best in a home theater, but bright enough for many other rooms. Hot Product Award.

Epson Home Cinema 5030 UB  10/28/13  This year’s updated UB projector, has several modest improvements, including black level performance. Epson’s best picture yet.   A real price performance value.

Sony VPL-VW600ES  10/7/13  This isn’t a full review, but a “First Look” blog at a pre-production version of this new true 4K projector after viewing it in my theater for 4 days.  I look only at out of the box performance using native 2K content only (upscaling with Sony’s Reality Creation to 4K).  Amazing picture. When we get a full production projector we’ll look at everything else, measure and calibrate.

Epson Home Cinema 2030  8/27/13  This is Epson’s first sub $1000 1080p projector and it qualifies as a lot of home entertainment projector for the money.  It’s really bright – 2000 lumens, and it’s “smart” – supports MHL, including devices like a Roku stick for internet streaming content. Good feature set, even better value proposition.

*ViewSonic PJD7820HD  8/5/13  ViewSonic rocks the house with a measured 3500+ lumens, 3D, and native 1080p resolution for $699. Breakthrough price performance. A value as a portable business projector or as a bright, entry level home entertainment projector.

Optoma HD25-LV  7/14/13  Here’s an extremely bright home entertainment projector for the family room, with 3D, sound, good color, and “a cut above” performance for it’s roughly $1300 price. Easily deserving one of our Special Interest awards.

Epson Home Cinema 750HD  7/11/13  Low cost 720P 3D capable, exceptionally bright (3000 lumens) projector built for the living room / family room.  A good gaming projector though lag times could be better. Really good color for movies, etc. Special Interest Award.

Acer H6510BD  7/2/13  This is a nice entry level projector that sells for under $800.  DLP technology, exceptionally bright (2802 lumens measured max).  Rough around the edges but a good value especially for the non-enthusiast seeking a projector with a good, large 2D or 3D image.

BenQ W1080ST  6/21/13  This short throw, 3D, home entertainment projector is almost identical to BenQ’s W1070 which was reviewed and won a Hot Product Award. The W1080ST receives the same. There are very few differences other than the lens.  A top choice for around $1000.

*HB Opto HBP503D  6/2/13  Here’s a pocket projector that output 275 lumens!  Highlights include the optional battery pack which attaches and lasts 2 hours.  HDMI, WXGA, PC Free, and 3D (with two pair of glasses). Really good color too.  Two awards!

JVC DLA-X35  3/3/13  Available in black or white, (white typically for family rooms), this impressive $3500 projector is best in a home theater setup.  After all, it is only slightly brighter than JVC’s more expensive projectors, and barely average overall. This X35 sports much improved 3D performance, good overall color, lens memory and great blacks.

JVC DLA-X95R  2/16/13  Deep natural black levels, great color, power everything, Lens Memory, built from the best of components, the X95 delivers a beautiful picture. A projector that should appeal to the purist. Try not to let the $11,999 price tag distract you.

Mitsubishi HC8000D  2/4/13  This Mitsubishi projector wins a Special Interest Award. Overall, and excellent DLP home theater projector for under $3000. A really good choice for smaller rooms, and screens not too large.

Epson Pro Cinema 6020  1/31/13  The Pro Cinema 6020 is nearly identical to the Home Cinema 5020UB, which we reviewed in October. We had both projectors here, but to write two fully separate reviews on both made no real sense. After all, image quality and performance should be identical, except that the 6020 supports an anamorphic lens. As such, this 6020 review uses much of the text taken directly from the 5020UB review.

BenQ W1070  1/6/13  At approximately $1000, this small DLP home entertainment projector is tough to beat, exceptional color, exceptionally bright, full CMS, and even some lens shift. An easy Hot Product Award decision.

JVC DLA-X55R  12/21/12  This new JVC shares features from both JVC’s lower cost X35 and the X75R. Similar to the X35, but it has JVC’s 4K “e-Shift” image enhancement system.  We take a very close look at e-Shift in this review. Overall: Excellent Projector.

Optoma HD23  12/7/12  This compact, $999 DLP projector offers really good color, respectable brightness, No 3D, but a solid projector that offers good value as a family room type projector!  Special Interest Award.

Mitsubishi HC7900DW  11/27/12  Mitsubishi’s $2499 DLP projector is 3D capable, although only average brightness, it offers really excellent color.  Glasses and 3D emitter are optional expenses. Hot Product Award!

PT-AE8000 vs. HC5020 UB: A Comparison  11/19/12  Each year we take a look at how each company’s flagship projectors stack up against each other.

Epson Home Cinema 3020  11/11/12  The HC3020 is Epson’s “entry level” 3D projector with $1599 street price including two pair of lightweight, comfortable, RF, rechargeable glasses.  Produces an extremely bright image, with real good color, a number of improvements from last year.

Epson Home Cinema 5020 UB  10/31/12  On paper the improvements over last year are minor. In reality though, 3D is greatly improved, color is better, and it’s brighter calibrated, slightly brighter at brightest.  Superb value for well under $3000!

Panasonic PT-AE8000  10/21/12  A feature laden projector with great placement flexibility. Ultra high contrast blacks, and it’s about the brightest home theater projector around. 3D, Lens Memory, and a Hot Product Award!

ViewSonic Pro9000  10/15/12  We take a look at an early pre-production version of this DLP projector that sports a 20,000 hour hybrid LED / Laser light source, something rare in home theater projectors.

Panasonic PT-DZ770UL  10/15/12  Truly impressive. Though it comes with a hefty price tag of $17,099, this projector is exceptionally sharp and boasts 7000 lumens. Guaranteed to produce an incredible picture.

Acer H5360  10/5/12  A lot of projector at a good price! Not only is this Acer a great choice in the conference room, but it is also suited for part time home entertainment use.

Sony VPL-HW50ES  9/26/12  A beautiful new projector from Sony, rather bright, 3D, excellent color, $3999 with a spare lamp, 2 pair of 3D glasses. Offers serious performance! Hot Product Award.

*AAXA P4-X  9/18/12  This is one of the more full featured pico projectors available. Claiming 80 lumens on AC and 45 on battery the P4-X is also one of the brightest in its class.  Media Player, HDMI, USB, mini-tripod included. Earns a Special Interest award.

Sharp XV-Z30000  8/22/12  This Sharp projector is a “classic” DLP home theater projector.  3D Capable, Deep rich colors, very fast color wheel, lens memory, and very good blacks.  Street price is elusive but well under $4000. Best in a dedicated home theater! Receives ou Hot Product award! Impressive.

Acer H6500  6/29/12  This under $900 entry level projector is sold at Best Buy, and some other places.  It happens to be a very bright low cost projector suitable for family rooms, bonus rooms, etc, where there’s some ambient light.  Picture in Picture. A good first projector for the general consumer, it has less appeal to the real projector enthusiast

Outstanding Product of the Year: Sony VPL-VW1000ES  06/08/12  The best projector we’ve ever reviewed is this Sony VPL-VW1000ES. It is truly phenomenal. With true 4K resolution, great 3D and overall performance that surpasses any movie theater projector, we’re speechless. Read here to find out why choosing this projector for our highest award was a slam dunk!

Sony VPL-VW1000ES  6/5/12  True 4K resolution, 3D, extremely bright when calibrated, stunning picture, excellent blacks, and a big bucks price tag, Sony’s flagship projector is superb.  $25K is too much for most of us, but from a pure price performance basis, it’s so good you can justify every cent. Earns our Hot Product Award!

Panasonic PT-AR100U  03/10/12  The first high brightness (a real light canon) LCD, 1080p home entertainment projector, measured about 2400 lumens. Versatile (2:1 zoom lens, and lens shift), a great family room projector for about $999 (MAP), that can double in a dedicated home theater or cave.

Epson MegaPlex MG-50  03/06/12  What a great multipurpose projector, and what a bargain! For just $699, get good brightness and contrast… Plus it boasts a base station for your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Surely a fun purchase.

*Viewsonic PLED-W500  2/1/2012  This roughly two and a half pound DLP projector has a 20,000 hour LED light source, and puts over 400 lumens on the screen. Built-in media player with 1GB memory makes computer-free a big advantage for this small projector. Great warranty too.

BenQ W7000  1/4/12  We have been working with an engineering sample – still a few rough edges, but this is an exceptionally bright, under $3000, 3D capable home theater projector with rich colors, and a good feature set. A “provisional” Hot Product award, pending final firmware, and related fixes. Extremely impressive.

Sony VPL-VW95ES  12/10/11  This is one fine $7,000 home theater projector. With that price it’s not for everyone, but it’s a significant improvement over last year’s Sony for $3000 less! It offers a lot more brightness, better 3D… A top performer, it gets our Hot Product Award.

Epson MegaPlex 850HD  11/23/11  An all-in-one 720p projector, with a twist – a spring loaded doc for your iPad or iPhone. Very cool.

Acer H9500BD 11/22/11  This Acer’s got real trade offs. It starts with very impressive blacks for a 3D capable projector under $2000. Too rough around the edges for a Hot Product Award, but impressed enough to earn a Special Interest Award.

Optoma GT750  10/5/11  Great 3D capable gaming projector that’s also a very good, affordable family projector. Extremely bright, portable, has 10 watt sound, and under $800!

Optoma HD8300  9/24/11  This is Optoma’s flagship 2D home projector with 3D capabilities. Very good color, solid performance, and a rough edge or two. 1080p resolution single chip DLP with good placement flexibility.

Vivitek QUMI  9/8/11  This incredibly compact mini projector, weighing in at just 1.4 lbs., does well against the competition! It boasts great color rendition, a long light life thanks to its LED light source, and 3D capability!

Optoma HD33  8/29/11  A Hot Product award for combining good entry level 2D performance with very respectable 3D performance. That includes having decent 3D brightness, a problem for most 3D projectors

*Viewsonic Pro8200  1/31/11  This sub-$1000 cross-over home entertainment projector is equally suitable as a low cost business projector. One of the brightest, affordable home projectors. A little “rough around the edges”, but a solid value!

Epson Home Cinema 8350  10/6/10  This Epson just won’t go away, always been a top seller. 2D only, Hot Product Award winner, 1640 lumens measured at max, so extremely bright, 2.1:1 zoom, lens shift, and a “best in class” warranty. Still solid, at much lower price.


MegaPlex crossover

*Projectors marked with an asterisk are considered “crossover” products. They are relatively low cost, and the bulk of their design comes from business projectors. However, they are also optimized in some ways that make them suitable as affordable home entertainment projectors.


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