BenQ HT1075 Projector Advanced Calibration

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News And Comments

  • Jeff

    Are these calibration categories in the right order? I tried them but they seemed off. I believe that they are suppose to read Hue, Saturation, Gain from top to bottom. That is how my projector menu is. If i input the given number setting in that order, ie from top to bottom disregading the name order on the left, it looks better. Please let me know, thx.

    • Jorge Valentin

      I would like to know also??

  • disqus_VXRINc0JUN

    Good stuff. Very through and informative

  • Tim S

    When can we see some 3D settings?


      Hi Tim! We haven’t been doing any measurements of 3D, or any color settings. This has been the case with all 3D capable projectors we have reviewed. Due to the huge brightness drop for 3D (figure at least 60% but probably between 2/3 and 3/4 less than 2D), on most projectors like this BenQ HT1075 all modes are at least a bit underpowered, and the brightest modes – those with the least accurate color, are the ones that are probably best viewing thanks to their brightness. For all of that, my thought is that brightness trumps color with almost all 3D projectors doing 3D.
      With that in mind, I haven’t really tried to get “calibrated” type color out of any 3D projector. Mostly I’ve adjusted to the attitude that I’d rather have bright than better color with 3D. Although I’m a huge fan of watching 3D in my theater, I realize for many/most folks, 3D is a secondary concern (based on emails, and comments on our site, forums, etc.) As a result, the time and cost of paying Mike to calibrate color modes, I deemed as too expensive. I had long ago hoped that by including Advanced calibration info for most projectors reviewed (CMS tables – 2D only, etc.) as something for subscribers only, that I would be able to raise enough money to create more videos, do more things (such as maybe a calibrating a 3D mode), but the revenues we are bringing in from that are relatively minimal, when I’m paying hundreds for each projector where we do a single mode 2D calibration. In other words… I’d like to, but it just doesn’t make the “high priority” list at this time due to limited resources. -art

      • Tim S

        That’s fair – thanks for the detailed explanation. I do agree about the brightness drop and have been pumping up the brightness in the 3D mode to compensate. But as you wrote, that does lead to inaccurate colors. Maybe one could set up a forum or something where users could swap their settings, etc.

        I would be interested in seeing what other people do to achieve a fair balance. I am sure there are other 3D enthusiasts out there. Thanks!


          Hi Tim, I agree, there are others 3D fanatics out there. Your best best is to head to, which is the largest forum. There should be 3D threads, even some projector 3D threads but you can always start with a particular projector, post, ask around. Someone will point you to the best threads. -art

  • CanoNuevaYork

    Are the IRE settings listed anywhere? I’m looking for Mike’s 20 point greyscale settings . If so, what is the ISF Password on this PJ to enter them? Thank you.


      Hi Cano… Forget about the ISF areas.
      Put the grayscale (r,g,b gain/bias) in its RGB area (not looking at the projector so I can’t tell you off the top what it’s called. The CMS (color management system is where the individual calibration numbers for R, G, B, C, Y, M go. (saturation, brightness hue, for each primary and secondary color).

      ISF projectors have two additional “User” modes called ISF Day, and ISF Night. You don’t need them, and those passwords are available (at least in theory) only to ISF certified calibrators (that way they lock them down after the calibration so us “not so bright” end users don’t mess with them, resulting in screwed up color. Ultimately each of those ISF’s is just another “user” mode. -art

    • CanoNuevaYork

      Thanks for your reply. I’ve dabbled in greyscale calibration on my 2011 Plasma but can totally understand your points on CMS sufficing for this PJ which I am actually very pleased with. Question….do you think HT1075 owners should consider the Epson 2040 a worthy upgrade? Shootout? Thanks again.