Canon REALiS WUX4000 Projector Special Features

Canon REALiS WUX4000 Projector Special Features

The WUX4000’s resolution is high enough at 1920×1200 that the projector is suited to just about every application imaginable. Will provide a great user experience for those teaching software with densely rich interfaces where screen real estate is a necessity.

Vertical and Horizontal Motorized Lens Shift
Installation is made easier with the projectors motorized lens shift. With lens shift you can place the projector in areas that you might not have considered, and still be able to get the image to display very square without using keystone correction. Lens shift will allow you to place the projector off center of the screen if need be, and then move the image via the left, right, up and down, buttons in the menu.

Ability to Accept Three Lenses
Whether you need a long focus zoom lens, a wide angle lens or the standard 1.5x zoom lens, you can rest assured that the Canon WUX4000 is capable of accepting the lens types to meet your installation requirements.

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