Check out our 2016 Holiday Projector Shopping Guides

The holidays are here, and it’s Projector Shopping Time. We’ve got great recommendations to help you choose the right projector this holiday season.

This year, give a gift that your favorite family member, best friend, or – even yourself – one anyone will be elated to receive. Amp up your stocking stuffer game with a new projector! That’s right, the age of socks, ties, candies and 99 cent store items, has come to an end. Welcome to the age of serious stockings everyone will just love.

We have assembled two guides for this year, one featuring five excellent, and very unique under $2500 projectors.  The other guide features four more rather fantastic projectors – from just under $3000 to $15,000, and the final heavy hitter – $60,000!

In the guides, we feature a few choice screens to best meet your shopping, and eventually your viewing desires.

So dig in, and make some really fun, and highly appreciated shopping decisions that will make you the most valued gift giver this holiday season!

Help yourself to a serving:

Your 2016 Holiday Guide To Five Great Home Theater Projectors Under $2500

Your 2016 Holiday Guide To Four Of The Best Home Theater Projectors Over $2500

and, of course, Happy Holidays from the Projector Reviews family!

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News and Comments

  • Andrei Georgescu

    First link doesn’t work

  • gamer222

    Gamer with a question here: What is the best gaming projector for 2017? Looking for low (20ms) lag time, high lumens for daytime play with ambient light, throw distance could be short or long, and budget around $1,500. Thanks!


      We haven’t seen many low input lag projectors of late, and quite honestly, we don’t get around to that many $1500 and under projectors.

      The Epson HC3700 I just reviewed, measured in at 29.3ms lag, not bad, but could be one step faster. It meets your other requirements though. I’d love to point out some alternatives, and I’m sure they are out there, it’s just we haven’t reviewed anything in that price range with better numbers than the Epson, in a couple of years, at least.

      Generally the Optoma gamers GT series are pretty fast, but we haven’t reviewed one in a couple of years, I think. The new BenQ’s haven’t been very fast, which was disappointing – mostly around 49ms. The old Optoma HD131XE (discontinued I believe) measured in with an excellent 17ms, so you might want to look to one of it’s replacements. But the HD161X / HD50 is terribly slow. Sadly, the two guys I had writing blogs about gaming moved on to other things long ago. (one got a job)… Sorry I can’t be more help. -art