Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 Projector Review – Advanced Calibration Information

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News and Comments

  • lonelipop

    So what’s the input lag actually ?
    I’m getting confused.
    In the first page, you said it’s 17ms but in the second page you said it’s 49.7ms.
    That’s a huge difference.
    What’s the number actually ?


      Uh-oh, my bad. Not sure which is right. I’m out of town, returning to my office Thursday night. I’ll retest the projector and get that straightened out. Sorry about that. -art

      • lonelipop

        No problem at all. Appreciate that. 🙂


          Hi Lonelipop The correct amount is 49.7 ms, which is “acceptable” not excellent as originally indicated. I’m not sure how that happened. But last night, I did break out my Leo Bodnar input lag measuring device, that several of us now use.

          I got the same results in different modes including Game mode. Turning off Brilliant Color had no impact, nor did smart eco mode. Anyting around 50ms indicates about a 3 frame delay when running 60fps games. Not terrible, but hard core team gamers usually aren’t happy at that level. For the rest of us, it’s typically fine. -art

          • lonelipop

            Thanks a lot !
            Think it’ll be fine for me since I do some FPS in PS4 but only offline.

            I’m looking to buy it as my first home theatre projector. Do you think it’s the best choice for this price point ? Any other model I should consider ?

  • Matteo Martini

    Dear Art

    thanks a lot for the reviews and for all you guys write in this site: really helpful!!
    I need a help in the stormy ocean of the projector screens…
    I would like a suggestion about the right screen type to use with BenQ HT3050.
    Screen size will be around 90″ (maximum 100″), the projector is in the living room that has white walls and white ceiling but with great light control. I watch mostly movies during the night. Happens that I watch sport during the afternoon but twice a month maybe. I will be around 10 ft from the screen and I will need a pull down screen. Budget is possibly low (few hundred bucks?).
    Is it the HC gray the right one?
    Please let me know.

    P.S. I live in Italy so if you have suggestions about brands they will be most welcome


    Good review!
    Is there a significant difference in sharpness with different zoom settings?
    In max zoom (near to wall, bit brighter) it should be less sharp then on min zoom (farer from wall, bit darker).
    Maybe this solves the sharpness loss in corners?