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The Life of a Projector’s Lamp

Understanding the characteristics of the lamps used in video projectors and going as far as to track the light output of your projector can be a useful exercise for some home theater owners.  The industry standard for lamp life is based on a 50% dimming of the lamp.  Therefore, when a projector manufacturer specifies that a specific model of projector has, for example, a lamp life of 2000 hours that means that they expect the lamp to lose one half of its original (i.e, when the lamp was new) light output after 2000 hours of use.  However, there are other factors that can impact the lamp life and it can be useful for the projector owner to understand what these factors are where their projector’s lamp actually is in its life cycle.


CEDIA Expo 2012 News – Part 3

September 7:  This is the third blog in a series reporting on new products being introduced at the CEDIA Expo 2012, that is now underway in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I will update this blog later today with more news out of  the CEDIA show.


CEDIA Expo 2012 News – Part 2

Thursday – 9 September:  Today is the first day the CEDIA trade floor is open and several companies are officially introducing new projectors and related products today.  I will be updating this blog a few times today, so check back.


CEDIA Expo 2012 News – Part 1

Wednesday – 5 September:  The CEDIA Expo 2012 trade show officially started today with the keynote address, but the trade exhibits don’t open until tomorrow (Thursday, 6 Sept.).  However, there are a few news items from today.


CEDIA Expo – Part 2 Preview

This blog is a final preview before the start of the CEDIA Expo show that is held next week in Indianapolis (the CEDIA keynote speech and first press conferences are on Wednesday Sept. 5th and the trade show opens Sept. 6th).  My previous blog included several video projector related products rumored to be making their appearance at CEDIA.  For this new blog I will only cover those projectors for which their manufacturer has already released some information.