3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

If the CF3D is thought of as a home theater projector, then I have to report that black level performance is not impressive. It’s rather entry level – more like performance of an under $1500 home theater projector than something with a $15,000 price tag.

But, then, this really isn’t a home theater projector – it’s a commercial projector, or rather, a projector that, due to its abilities (3D in particular), that will make it viable in a number of different types of applications, by far, most of them business, education, or government, but also some AV industry related applications and screening rooms and home theaters too.

On the other hand, the black level performance of the CF3D may not rival better home theater projectors, but it probably isn’t significantly better or worse than the average digital cinema projector in your favorite movie theater.

For commercial applications, the LG CF3D’s black level performance, is just fine to very good! A typical commercial LCD based projector in the $10K+ range, probably can’t match or beat it at black levels, and even the typical DLP, is similar, some better, some worse.

I go into the black level performance here, more than on other commercial projectors, because of the 3D abilities, and that this projector likely will end up in a variety of applications where image performance is important, including screening applications.


Image time: We start with the starship image from The Fifth Element. It gives you a good idea of the black level performance. Below it are similar images from a few home theater projectors.

LG CF181D 5thelement starship over
LG CF181D 5thelement starship
home-cinema-8350 5thelement starship

Click to enlarge. SO close

And below is the Panasonic PT-AE4000, which, over all is a touch better, but it varies by scene, since they both use dynamic irises:

Click Image to Enlarge

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