3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

I think LG faced a real challenge converging 6 light streams, and pushing them out the lens. That said, the projector does appear a little soft compared to most normal 2D projectors we review. Single chip DLP projectors with few (low priced) exceptions, will be a bit sharper. Many other LCoS and LCD projectors may also be a tad sharper, but, this is a 1080p resolution projector – there’s plenty of detail and clarity, even after discounting the softness. The fact that the LG CF3D is an LCoS projector means that the pixel structure is essentially invisible, compared to LCD or DLP. That alone tends to make projectors with more visible pixel structure to appear sharper.

It’s not, about how sharp a projector looks, but how much detail it can reveal. To make that point, remember that most sharpening tools for projectors and monitors give you a sharper “looking” image, but at the expense of actually decreasing detail.

All considered, I’d have liked to have seen the LG a touch sharper, but, whether watching neurons and other cells, or a football game, the LG certainly seemed sharp enough, and the detail is there.

Light Leakage

No issues to report. This is a big projector with a lot going on inside, but from the exterior, this projector leaks very little light out vents, or the lens.

LG CF3D Image Noise

Generally very clean, image noise wise, at least for 2D. I’ve already discussed crosstalk relating to 3D, and also the seeming screen type noise, on the Image Quality page.

LG CF3D Audible Noise

The LG is fairly typical of LCoS projectors. Noise levels are acceptable, but a good deal noisier than the quietest projectors (such as the Panasonic PT-AE4000, and the Mitsubishi LCD based projectors), but still quieter than any of the DLP projectors out there, and perhaps, a touch quieter than some other LCoS projctors. At full lamp power, some of those folks especially audio noise adverse may not be happy with the audible noise, but it should not be an issue for the vast majority.

LG claims 23 db in low power (eco) mode. I put full power noise (estimated) at 27 to 29 db.

Bottom line on noise – few will have any issue with the LG, and for those really, really noise adverse, well, the LG’s 23 db in eco mode, would be considered very quiet, and the LG in eco mode is still brighter than all but a very few projectors running at full power. Not to worry!

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