3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

LG CF3D Brightness

The LG CF3D is by far, the brightest 3D projector we’ve received, and as a 2D projector, it still offers a respectable 2500 lumens. Not exactly a big auditorium projector (though the LG is physically as large as many of them), but more than capable of larger screens when there’s good light control.

LG CF3D Projector - Measured Brightness Uncalibrated:

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE (mid zoom):
Vivid 1572 @ 11327
Standard 1843 @ 8290
Natural 1843 @ 8200
Cinema 1929 @ 7079
Sport 1808 @ 8486
Game 1870 @ 8188,
w/ Natural Color Temp= 2347 (highest lumen output of all picture modes)
Expert 1 and 2 1843 @ 7076K

LG CF3D Projector - Post Calibration Brightness:

Click to enlarge. SO close

Above, the new testing room. The 3D Da-Lite screen is just propped up against the wall for now. It’s an 82″ diagonal 16:9. As you can see, we’re filling only about 70″ diagonal in this photo, but then, consider, those two lights overhead, are each 65 watt floods only a foot or so out from the screen. (Nasty!) That’s the advantage of having about 2500 lumens. The image on the screen is 3D, I should note, but since the camera isn’t looking through glasses, it is as bright as any 2D image. (Note, on the wall to the left, is a second screen. When the room is complete, two walls, either 3, or four screens total).

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Effect of zoom on lumen output (Vivid mode):
Zoom out 1624
Mid-zoom 1572
Zoom in 1461

After doing our calibration of “best” mode, Expert 1 – which seems virtually identical to Cinema, with color temp set to Warm, this projector measured 1929 lumens!

Applying a “quick-cal” to Expert 2, with Temp set to Natural, we topped out the LG at 2258 lumens (with lens at mid-zoom, lamp on full)

The Effect of zoom lens positioning on brightness: Our standard measurements reported for the LG CF3D are done with the zoom at its mid-point as with all reviews. Here are relative numbers based on Vivid mode, but the differences will hold for all modes:

As expected, with only a 1.3:1 zoom range, the differences aren’t that great – only about a 10% increase from full telephoto, to full wide angle.

Lumen Output (Low Lamp, Vivid): 1093

That compares with 1572 lumens at full power. That’s a larger drop than most, with the LG losing just a fraction more than 30%. (Most projectors drop 20 – 25% in their eco (low power) modes.)

I should note, though, that the amount of drop is consistent with other LG projector designs. The CF181D had dropped 29% when tested.

If you are going to drag a CF3D into your home or screening room, you’ll find plenty of lumens. For more business/education type applications though, the almost 2500 lumens measured assure a respectable image on screens of up to 100″ diagonal, even with some moderate ambient light, and even doing 3D. (Remember, ambient lighting can affect the 3D image as well – especially fluorescent lighting).

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