3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

LG CF3D images below are from either Blu-ray, or HDTV, with the exception of Lord of the Rings (standard DVD). These images are not overly accurate compared to the image the CF3D projector projects on the screen. There are color shifts (too much yellow, in this case), saturation differences, etc.

These images are provided to support the commentary. In reality, the projectors always look better than the images in our reviews. From a color standpoint, my dSLR camera still adds a very slight green shift to some photo shoots that I have not been able to completely remove in most cases. I now visually attempt to adjust all the images to correct for major abberations in color between big screen and computer screen. In other words, while we can demonstrate differences in black levels and shadow details of the CF3D, the photos are only approximations of skin tone and color accuracy.

LG CF3D Projector: Out of the Box Picture Quality

Click to enlarge. SO close

The LG CF3D looks respectable out of the box, but for those seeking highly accurate colors (such as home theater enthusiasts), the projector will benefit from a calibration. Overall, the color in “best” mode, was a bit cool, averaging about 7500K, although white was closer to 7000K and the darkest areas approaching 8000K.

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Flesh Tones

Post calibration, the skin tones look really good, very natural, and the color temp measurements are downright excellent, which helps explain why the LG tends to look really good, no matter what content I throw at it in 2D (or the limited 3D selections I have). Consider these examples:

Below are a wide assortment of images to demontstrate skin tones. Remember, the same face will look markedly different under different lighting scenarios, such as full sunlight, filtered sunlight, gray overcast, nighttime, fluorescent lighting, and so on.

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