3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

The CF3D remote is on the smaller side, but still a “real” remote, not one of those credit card sized things with soggy buttons. It has a backlight, the arrow keys organized in a round configuration with the usual centered enter key (OK). There is, of note, a 3D button, top right, which brings up menu choices for the different 3D frame methodologies.

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Also for 3D is a Left/Right toggle to adjust the image if it isn’t setup left to left eye, right to right eye. Most of the content comes out right, but I have encountered some which requires hitting the button to reverse.

At the bottom of the remote, are six buttons with the major inputs. Range is at least as good as average, but not exceptionally long range. (good to at least 20 feet).

All considered, a nice remote control, although not as many preset and image control buttons as most. Simple layout, relies on the menus.

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LG CF3D Lens Throw

For the classic 100 inch diagonal 16:9 screen, the front of the LG projector can be placed as close as 9 feet 10 inches, or as far back, as 12 feet 10 inches. We’re talking a 1.3:1 zoom ratio, which is on the limited end of things. Many projectors with limited zooms have 1.2:1 to 1.5:1, while more flexible might be considered 1.5 to 2.1 zoom range.

Over all the zoom lens’s ratio leaves the LG a projector with less placement range than average.

DLA-CF3D Lens Shift

The CF3D offers vertical lens shift only, which, for 97% of people should be just fine. According to the manual, which has the minimum to say on the subject, the LG projector can position from 20% of a screen height above the top, to the same 20% below the bottom, of the screen surface.


For a 100″ diagonal 16:9 screen, that works out to just a tiny bit less than 10 inches above or below the screen surface (screen height is over 49.5 inches tall).

That’s a respectable amount of vertical lens shift. Most commercial projectors in this price range will offer lens shift (and many, may offer interchangeable lenses), but for now, with few 3D projectors out there, this is about as flexible as there seems to be, without spending hugely more.

CF3D Anamorphic Lens Support

The LG CF3D does not support an anamorphic lens, best I can tell from the lack of any mention in the manual, or appropriate aspect ratios.

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