3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

Shadow detail performance of the LG CF3D appears to be good, certainly from a commercial standpoint. While I did a lot of viewing of movie type content, my tendency is to sacrifice a little dark shadow detail, (crushing darkest shadow detail), for lower blacks. Regardless, though, the projector with brightness and contrast properly adjusted, has very good shadow detail. Dark shadow detail appears very respectable.

CF3D bond train
LG CF181D bond train
HD8600 bond train
DLA-RS25 bond train
8700ub bond train
HD20 bond train
PT-AE4000 bond train





Below, the LG, doing the Bond night train scene from Casino Royale. Unfortunately, this image immediately below was shot with the projector pointing at a 3D screen with a bit of a hot spotting problem. (That problem is all screen, none LG.) That noted, you can still make out most of the dark shadow detail in the lower right shrubs above the tracks.

Bottom line LG CF3D Blacks and Shadow detail:

The CF3D combines very good dark shadow detail combines with average black level performance for a commercial projector. Black level performance is fairly entry level compared to home theater projectors, but very respectable for most other applications.

Overall Color & Picture Quality

Post calibration the CF3D easily could be a home theater projector. The calibration produced excellent results and the image quality supports those results!

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