3D Projectors: LG CF3D Projector Review

The CF3D is a little more complicated than most projectors – with its six panel, dual lamp design. I’m not surprised, therefore that the image appears a bit softer than most other 1080p projectors. That said, in 3D, it tends to look very sharp, no doubt in part due to the 3D effect. On 2D though, it’s average at best for a 3D projector. I definitely consider the image a little soft.

Is that terrible? No – If you have 1920×1080 content running on the LG, I am pretty sure, you’d still consider the image as appearing sharper – or rather resolving more detail, than, say the WXGA projectors with their lower resolution.

In other words, it may not be the sharpest 1080p around, but, in most business and education environments, almost all the projectors out there in use would be lower resolution models.

Click to enlarge. SO close

The exception to that would be scientific modeling, and areas like engineering and architecture, which have always pushed for the highest resolution work, and therefore have been using high resolution projectors a lot more often, when available.

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CF3D spacecowboys monitor
CF3D spacecowboys monitor
8500UB spacecowboys monitor
LG CF181D spacecowboys monitor











I did not shoot the general images I usually do for home theater, but I did shoot this test pattern, from the DVE-HD disc.


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