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News And Comments

  • Andre Sim

    Hi Lisa,
    Do you have the Advanced Calibration Settings for Sharp XV-Z20000 ?


      Hi Andre, No until sometime in 2013 we didn’t do “advanced calibration” until that point, it was just grayscale calibration and general settings (brightness, contrast, gamma). -art

  • Devin Thayer

    will there eventually be an Epson 5040ub advanced calibration?


      Yes there will be, not sure why it’s not up yet, so I’ll figure that out and get this list updated. For the 5040UB/6040UB, we did a full calibration for 1080 use, some of which applies to 4K content processing, but I can’t promise that we have things “nailed” when the content is HDR. We used Bright Cinema mode for HDR, because brightness is, in that case, to me, more critical than slight errors in color accuracy. Regular Cinema mode uses a specialized color filter that “eats up” roughly half of maximum brightness. -art

      • Devin Thayer

        Thanks art I just did the calibration on my projector one more question I do a lot of gaming in Dynamic mode just because I like the digital colors Crush if you will and the extra brightness if I was going to try to adjust my Advanced calibration would I want to use it similar to what you have for advanced calibration in cinema bright mode? Or would that still be way off for more accurate colors because Dynamic is so over the top? Also I’m really having trouble finding content for HDR I tried the Xbox One S but it didn’t like outputting HDR and I did the same with the PS4 Pro however gave me a pink screen when I output HDR I think it’s an issue with running it through the receiver but that’s my only option without running another 50-foot cable back to the projector in the ceiling LOL so now I’m wondering if there’s some content on my PC that I can stream the HDR I’ll keep looking thanks again


          Hi Devin, you should check out the There’s lots of threads on HDR, on faming, there should be plenty of HTPC and high performance gamers discussing your types of questions. There’s plenty to sift through. As to your question re dynamic mode, I’d stick to adjusting the grayscale – the RGB, until you get something better. The CMS – the color management system affects all settings, the grayscale balance can be different for each preset and user mode. Have fun with all of this. -art