Mitsubishi HC1500 DLP Home Theater Projector Review

Mitsubishi HC1500 DLP Home Theater Projector Review: Overview

This is easy. First of all, the new Mitsubishi HC1500 home theater projector from Mitsubishi, is essentially a reworked HD1000U. There are almost no differences in performance, although the HC1500 (link to specs) is slightly brighter. Mostly the HC1500 is simply redesigned to be less expensive to build in volume, and that’s good for consumers.

Of course it’s been quite a while since I reviewed the HD1000U, when new (10/06), but the competition the HD1000U faced back then is essentially the same as the HC1500 faces today. First of all, there are very few under $1000, 720p resolution projectors. Of those, the Optoma HD70 (the first) is still out there, as is an Hitachi projector (we haven’t reviewed yet). BenQ has just launched their W500. For more money, biggest names – Panasonic’s PT-AX100U, and Sanyo PLV-Z5, also were shipping when we reviewed the HD1000U.

As a result, this review will canibalize some paragraphs from the older review, but focus on how the HC1500 fits into the current “world order”. If you’ve previously read that HC1000 review, the biggest change is probably the perspective, as the HD1000U when reviewed, was $1495 (with free spare lamp), vs. $995, so its position in the market has changed since the review, and there is some fresh competition.

Like its predecessor (at the end of its life), the Mitsubishi HC1500 home theater projector is priced right – under $1000, and provides excellent value.

So far, of all the under $1000 720p resolution home theater projectors we’ve reviewed, the HC1500 currently provides the best value – price/performance – in terms of picture quality!

The HC1500 earns our Hot Product Award.

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  • CLE_Browns_Fan

    I loved my HC1500 projector. Got it for 650 off ebay back in the day (late 2007). Was a strong performer until we sold our house – and the projector along with it – a few years back.

    I haven’t looked at PJ’s in a long, long time, and I’m shocked to see 1080p such as the W1070 BenQ going for the same price as my old HC1500. Amazing!! In the end, I recently ended up just grabbing an Optoma h180x for 350 bucks on clearance, which is very comparable to the HC1500 but half the price. It’s bright but probably has more rainbows than the HC. Not sure on that yet. And yeah, it’s 720p, but I loved my HC1500 so much I figure I don’t really NEED 1080… 😉


      Whatever floats your boat. Moving to 1080p does make a difference. Hey I’ve reached the point where I’m dying to own a 4K projector. You know the drill, the closer to your screen, the more immersed you are in the movie or other imagery. The higher the res, the closer you can get. If you are happy with the 180, great, but since you mention rainbows, you might reconsider the W1070 or other low cost 1080p projectors (Viewsonic also has a nice one, in the $600 range. Either way, enjoy. -art

      • CLE_Browns_Fan

        Thanks for replying. (Finally getting around to reading it) I ended up returning the h180x b/c of way, way too many rainbows with its slow color wheel. I ended up getting a 720p Epson LCD 730HD. I love that it’s super bright and has zero rainbows. I do wish I had gone 1080p b/c I can make out the pixels sitting at 14′ away. But it’s hard to beat the $399 price tag from amazon. I’ll upgrade to 1080 when the bulb dies. Cheers!