Optoma HD131Xe Projector – Calibration Settings


Optoma HD131Xe Basic Picture Settings

Header Content
Contrast (-3) (-2) (-4) (-4)
Brightness (0) (0) (0) (0)
Color(16) (22) (15) (8)
Tint (0 for all)
Color Temp(Warm)(Warm)(Medium) N/A
Gamma (Film) (Video)(Graphics) (Standard)
Brilliant Color 5 10 6 3
Dynamic Black High Off High Off

User mode is set by whatever other mode you adjust, so there are no real default settings for it.
Lamp Mode= Bright (unless noted otherwise)
Default settings for each item are shown in ( )

All other settings not shown here, at default (untouched), except for CMS individual color settings to be found on the Advanced Calibration page.

Mike’s Comments:

User mode is set by whatever other mode you adjust, so there are no real default settings for it.
Lamp Mode= Bright (unless noted otherwise)
All other settings at default (untouched)

Optoma HD131Xe settings for Grayscale Balance

Grayscale RGB Settings
Red(0) 2
Green(0) 0
Blue(0) -3

Mike’s Notes:  General:

Like the HD25-LV we previously reviewed, the biggest issue with the HD131Xe is that no mode can be adjusted without turning into User mode.  Furthermore, there is no way to save any adjustments you make.  If, for example, you’re in Cinema mode and you accidently bring up one of the adjustment parameters (like Brightness or Contrast), anything you’ve done in User mode is wiped out and replaced by the Cinema mode setting.

Grayscale Calibration:

Optoma seems to have gone away from having full grayscale calibration abilities in their projectors.  Instead of having Gain and Offset RGB controls to cover both ends of the IRE range, there is a single trio of RGB controls (that act full range) under “White” in the “Color Settings” portion of the menu.  This can work if the RGB values are consistent throughout the range to begin with and fortunately, with the HD131Xe, they are.  As a result, I was able to get a very good grayscale balance with an average Delta E of 1.5.

Pre, Post Calibration Results: HD131Xe Projector

Brightness (and Color Temp) by Mode, Pre-Calibration
  ModeLumensColor Temp
UserSame as starting modeSame as…


Calibrated Color Temperature Across The IRE Range
IRE (100 = White)Color Temp

Above, find the same two charts as presented on the Performance page.  The first shows the brightness and color temp of white, for each pre-set mode.  The lower chart shows the results across the measurable IRE range, post calibration.

The post calibration results Mike came up with end up in User mode, based on his calibration starting with Bright mode.  Brilliant Color is on 10.

As with most projectors, expect using eco-mode to change the color balance a noticeable, but not great amount.  Also expect some lesser shift if you make major changes in the Brilliant Color setting.  The Advanced Calibration page has Mike’s individual color CMS settings, but whether they help…?

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