Optoma HD131Xe Projector – Warranty


Optoma HD131Xe One Year Limited Warranty

The HD131Xe does come with your basic one year parts and labor limited warranty.  (Limited merely means that the manufacturer doesn’t have to replace a projector with a warranty issue with a brand new projector.  Limited warranties allow the manufacturer to fix, or if they prefer, replace.

So, how does that stack up to the competition?  For the most part, it’s the same warranty as the competition.  But there are some exceptions, so you need to, when making your final purchasing decision, is the importance of a longer warranty.  True, you can buy 3rd party warranty extensions for most projectors, with an extra year running less than $100, but consider this:

Two manufacturers go “over the top” on warranties of their sub-$1000 projectors.  First of those is Viewsonic, who’s PJD7820 and other models have a three year limited parts and labor warranty.  Note that out of warranty projectors are likely to be expensive to fix, with some things costing several hundred dollars.  That can make some failures, out of warranty, so expensive that the projector becomes a throw away.  (That’s why I always say, all projectors should come with 2 years.)

The other better warranty is Epson’s.  Theirs is two years parts and labor on the Home Cinema 2000 and similar Home Cinema 2030, both which sell for under $1000.  To make the Epson warranty even better, theirs comes with a two year replacement program.  If their projector fails under that warranty in those first two years, Epson will ship you out a replacement.  The replacement isn’t likely to be new, but it’s lamp will almost certainly have far less hours on it than yours will.  And Epson pays all the freight. Since they rush it to you, you’re back ups nd running, in typically 2 business days!   No waiting a week, or two, (hopefully no more than that), to be back up and running.  Also most companies pay the freight in one direction, Epson pays all freight.

So, if warranty is important to you, know that the Optoma as a short one, but no shorter than 80% of the competition.  But there are better warranties, even much better ones.

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WA 799.00 Save Today and experience exceptional customer service, expert advice, timely delivery, free tech support and your best price from an Authorized Dealer!
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