Optoma HD37 Projector – Advanced Calibration Information

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News And Comments

  • Ravi Bhat

    Hi Art,
    Thanks for great reviews! Currently I use Mitsubishi HC4000, which I bought about three years ago after reading your reviews here. I am using this projector in a ceiling mounted setup at its shortest throw ratio (about 1.38) to project a 132″ image on a DIY grey screen. I use this as a dedicated home theater projector and I have a very good amount of light control in the room , though I cannot make it totally dark.
    I am looking to replace this projector with a 3D DLP projector that can fill my 132″ screen even in 3D (which means it has at least a throw ratio of 1.4 at its widest end), and can at least match my HC4000 on black levels and sharpness (in 2D) with RF sync capability. I was hoping that Optoma HD37 can be the answer, but it seems to come up short on black levels and brightness from what I read in this review. Is there any other projector that I can consider that meets my criteria?

  • Christopher Kurby

    Hello, I signed up for the pro account. I have some questions about the advanced calibration. Are the above values meant to be used for Cinema mode, User, or another? Does the gray scale calibration on the previous page work with these settings too? What color gamut should I select, Native, HDTV, or other? Sorry for all the questions!