Optoma TW610Sti LCD Projector – Review Summary

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A summary of the TW610Sti projector and a list of this Optoma projector’s pros and cons.

Optoma TW610Sti Projector: Bottom Line

The Optoma TW610Sti after a closer look has turned out to be a pretty good choice. Its manufacturer rated lumens of 3100 and its testing results of 2800 lumens have put this projector in high contention as one of the more formidable projectors on the market in the short throw interactive category. Its interactive capabilities are not as extensive as most projectors on the market, but they clearly are aligned with interactive projectors by Epson and Hitachi.

The picture quality of this WXGA(1280×800) DLP projector turned out to be quite excellent and it was able to handle high resolutions with minimal loss in image quality. Can’t say one should buy this projector and use full time as a higher resolution projector than its native resolution, but if you need it occasionally, you can’t go wrong.

Its full suite of inputs and outputs along with its ability to be controlled via your network or RS-232 make it ideal for colleges or K-12. As mentioned in the review, the TW610Sti wouldn’t be a bad home theater projector either. The video quality was quite good when watching Blu-ray content via HDMI cable.

Ultimately, with advertised prices under $1000 the Optoma TW610Sti gets high marks as a solid, bright, and top performer in the short throw projector category.

Optoma TW610Sti Projector: Pros

  • 3100 rated lumens and produces 2800 lumens in our tests.
  • Comes with the PointBlank interactive pen.
  • A full suite of inputs and outputs makeing it capable of just about anything.
  • Fairly light weight at 6.9 pounds. So it’s easier to mount.
  • PointBlank pen can be used while walking around the room.
  • 4 adjustable feet if you plan to lay the projector on a table. Easier setup.
  • Full featured menu system on the top of the projector in case you lose the remote.

Optoma TW610Sti Projector: Cons

  • Since it is not ultra short throw you will have a little more shadow if you use the interactive features up at the whiteboard.
  • Remote design was a little confusing. Requires you to look at it.
  • You have to take down the projector to replace the lamp if you ceiling mount it.
  • Is 3D ready but does not except 3D Blu-ray content.

Current dealer prices for Optoma TW610Sti+

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Projector SuperStore
AZ 999.00 The Optoma TW610STi+ is designed with multitude of features to meet the demands in schools, colleges and businesses. The projector combines excellent brightness, resolution and contrast with interactive capabilities and a short throw design to create a fl
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Projector People
FL 999.00 Free Shipping! In Stock Now! 30 day no-hassle guarantee and FREE lifetime tech support from projector experts. We are an authorized dealer.
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