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Optoma HD23 Lag Test Results

Just a quick lag test for the Optoma HD23. The Optoma is an entry level 1080p projector, sono special features such as CFI, etc.. This makes the lag testing fairly simple. I put it up against my Planar PX 2710MW 27″ monitor and it was almost on par with it. It ranged from 0ms to 20ms difference, so I would put that at about an average of 10ms difference from my LCD computer monitor. Which means this is a great option for gaming. Here are some pictures of the lag testing, please bear with the cell phone pictures.





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  • Akumastew

    Is there any chance that you guys will be doing lag studies on the following?

    Epson 6020/5020
    JVC DLA 55XR/95XR
    Sony VW1000ES/95ES

    I have a large budget available to me, so I would like to get it right first time for my 1st projector set up. I don’t necessarily wish to jump to 4K immediately, as there is little media available for it currently.

    It is an i7 extreme edition, quad Sli, multi Terabyte SSD raid PC that will be giving out he video signal via a Sony 5800 ES receiver.

    • Scott Shrieves


      While the more expensive Epson models perform slightly better than the 3020/3010. I don’t know I would recommend them for the hardcore gamer. If you are into online play of FPS, MMORPG’s, etc., then they probably aren’t for you. The DLP models seem to perform better at gaming overall where lag is concerned, at least from the models I have tested. I would love to test the JVC and the Sony, we would have to see if Art could get one in to test though. You can check out the gaming review of the 5020 here:

      Epson 5020 Gaming Review

      Thank you,