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BenQ W1070 – A "First Look" Projector Review

Greetings everyone,

BenQ’s W1070: Affordable DLP, 3D, home entertainment projector

The BenQ W1070 arrived about two weeks ago, but due to scheduling, all I could do was give it to Mike for calibration.  As soon as he returned it, we “put a stamp on it” and shipped it to Pete – one of our Gamer – Projector – Bloggers.

Pete should be posting his thoughts on the BenQ W1070 as a gaming projector, over the next few days.

Now, since I personally never fired up the W1070 projector I’m just going to take a few paragraphs to report on the BenQ’s feature set, and also relate some of the key measurements from Mike’s calibrating of the projector.  Here goes:

BenQ’s W1070 projector is a 1080p single chip DLP projector claiming 2000 lumens.  It’s small – downright portable at under 6 pounds, and has a built in speaker.   A contrast claim of 10,000:1 indicates more than the minimal black level performance that some other entry level projectors offer.  (A typical DLP without a dynamic iris usually has claims of 2000:1 to 3000:1.)

This BenQ projector has, as we’ve seen before from BenQ, three lamp mode combinations, not the two.  Officially they are rated 3500 hours, 5000 hours and 6000 hours.  That should keep cost of ownership nice and low.  A one year warranty is typical in the price range.

Mike was extremely impressed with the before and after color quality.  He found that the W1070 projector had really good RGB balance right out of the box.  Mike took User 1, which at default is almost as bright as Dynamic, to calibrate.  With or without calibration, the W1070 breaks 1700 lumens (at mid-point on the zoom lens), brighter at full wide angle (almost 1850 lumens).  Mike measures conservatively, so getting within about 7% of claim is unusually good.

In Mike’s calibration of the W1070, he ended up with one of the tightest color temp ranges yet, downright surprising for a low cost projector. Post calibration, every temperature from 20 IRE to 100 IRE (white) measured within 6418K and 6500K.  Color should look great as both RGB and individual colors are very balanced (great).

Now when it comes to the picture itself, I can’t help you there, having not yet seen this projector in action, but it should be back here in about a week.  I expect I’ll be tackling it immediately after the JVC DLA-X55 which I’m currently reviewing.  The timing should be close to perfect, so I would hope to finish the W1070 projector review before Christmas.  If not, then certainly before New Years.  (No one gives me the week off – tsk, tsk.)

Before I forget, the W1070 is a 3D ready projector, but it does not come with any 3D glasses.  BenQ and 3rd party 3D glasses are available.   Here’s a compatibility chart BenQ provides:

Various 3D format supported

Source / format 3D Field Sequential 3D frame packing 3D top bottom 3D side by side
HDMI-Video V V V V
S-video V
Video V

HDMI-Video:  3D frame packing, is what Blu-ray discs use.

The W1070 is also NVIDIA 3DTV compatible.  We’ve looked at that early on in 3D with an nVidia 3DTV, to try to get all those 2D games converted on the fly, by the nVidia graphics card.  We weren’t successful at the time, the Optoma we reviewed was brand new, and it seems it takes a while to get certified and a driver created for the nVidia graphics card.  Perhaps Pete, who’s got the W1070 will be able to check out whether we can get that 2D – to – 3D games working.

OK, that’s about all I can think of, for a projector that I haven’t even seen out of the box.  Certainly, Mike has had much to say about the color and calibrating the projector, and that’s all good.  I should note that he made an immediate point about how much better the W1070 is in terms of out of the box, and being calibrated, than the older BenQ W1200 which we reviewed. -art




News And Comments

  • Brian Miller

    Looking forward to your full review. I’ve heard that you may need to turn on Smart ECO mode to get the best dynamic range, which modulates the lamp level with apparently little pumping.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Brian,

      The BenQ W1070 projector is winging its way back from Pete in Texas. Arriving Thursday. I should have the full JVC DLA-X55R review posted Thursday or Friday, and will be starting to view the W1070 as soon as it returns. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for the Smart Eco. Mike had some comments about that already. -art

  • Jay

    Im really-really looking forward to your review. I would love to see a review on this very soon as Im contemplating this projector or the Viewsonic Pro8200 and both are on sale at the moment (with sales ending in a day or so)! Although this is a 3D projector Im more interested in really just knowing if this BenQ in 2D mode performs better then the Viewsonic pro8200 in black levels and if its more or less RBE sensitive then VS Pro8200.

    Again really looking forward to your review (soon I hope!).

  • Maxim

    Hi Art,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful website with tons of information about projectors. It is very useful.
    How is the review going on? When can we read it?

  • Jay

    Any chance we will see the PJ review before New Years Art? :)

    • Lisa Feierman

      Sorry Jay, Last minute – closed up shop for a few days and took a trip – without work for once. -art

  • Ignatius

    Hi Art
    Are you far off posting your review for this fella? The wait is killing me cause I’ve been hanging on since Christmas for a ‘quality’ review from either yourself or the boys from Projector Central. Pete certainly had some good things to say but would definitely appreciate a more comprehensive assessment of this baby’s abilities before pulling the trigger on it or the Epson 3020 which I guess is its most direct 3D capable competition despite the price difference.

    Pete’s review seemed to suggest that the 1070 ticked all the boxes
    - good overall picture quality
    - good 3D
    - good gaming lag numbers
    - handy features like audio out and in-built speaker
    - fantastic price

    Some concerns though about the following but probably acceptable for the price range.
    - finnicky zoom/focus controls
    - brightness in 3D and with ambient light and thus whether it is a good living room projector?
    - black levels and contrast

    Look forward to the review and seeing if you are prepared to say that this is the best value for money 3D capable home video/gaming projector on the market.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Ignatious, that’s a pretty good assessment. Getting back to writing it in a minute. Sorry about the long delay. Just turned out to be a lot more family and friends time this holiday. Even got away with my wife Lori for a few days, and for once I didn’t turn on my laptop. -art

  • Rivroner

    Hi gentlemen. :)Is it possible to know the exact date the review will be up? My life depends on it. :D

    Thank you very much for your reviews. :)

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Rivroner, Sunday night – absolutely.

  • Smokarz

    Hi Art,

    Have you got a chance to finish the review on the W1070? Looks like it just hit the US market.


    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Smokarz, I’m in the midst of writing it now. It absolutely must post before I leave for CES monday morning. Watching it now. It’s rather nice, in fact.

  • Mishari

    Thanks for the great review.
    Regarding calibration settings, White balance gain is 95 by default, not 50 as mentioned in calibration page. Can you please update the numbers.

  • colin

    Hi guys I just used my new w1070 .im not a expert to review it im very happpy with its quality pic. Im just wondering if anyone could tell me wwhat 3d glasses I can use for it beside original .could u please send a email reply. Thank u

  • Terry

    I’m a long time fan of Projector reviews. I was just wondering how many months it was going to take a few more days to finish the W1070 review? Thank you.