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BenQ W7000 Projector – Completing the Review

UPDATE: The BenQ W7000 projector review has been posted!

Greetings all!

BenQ confirmed that a full production W7000 should be delivered here by end of day. Not much to do to finish the review up, since other than a couple of minor things, this is really about getting better black level performance than the engineering sample.
If it does make it today, expect the updated and finished BenQ W7000 review to post on Friday! -art

News And Comments

  • SOWK

    When is the update going to be posted?

    • Lisa Feierman

      The full review has been updated. A blog is being written right after I post this… -art

  • Jon

    Dying to see updated results with the new firmware Art, will you have the review up this weekend by chance?

    • Lisa Feierman

      Jon, the W7000 has been updated, I even got a competitors page up. Tonight I hope to post the missing calibration page. I’ll be putting up the old results which seem to work fine, far better than the default “out of the box”… -art