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Epson Home Cinema 3020 e Projector – Black Levels update

Greetings, this is going to be really short.  In the blog about this new Epson Home Cinema 3020 and 3020e, I mentioned I was not sure if the dynamic iris is operational in 3D!

In all of last year’s Epson’s the dynamic features were not available in 3D.

Great news:  I’ve been able to confirm that the Home Cinema 3020 and 3020e, both will be able to run their dynamic irises in 3D operation.

That’s a major improvement for 3D viewing.  Most pleased to here of this change, I and others complained a good bit about the iris not being available on the older 3010 and 5010 projectors.

That’s it, gotta get back to work.  Remember, all this is secret until Sept 5.  shhh!  -art

PS, if I didn’t mention it in the original 3020 blog, I also heard that the new HC3020 projectors will have shorter lag times, which may make the projector nice and fast, suitable for hard core gamers playing First Person Shooters, etc.  We shall see.

News And Comments

  • Matt

    Very neat! I have yet to see this projector, but am very excited about it. Epson never seems to fail me. Thanks for sharing.
    Matt@ Home Theater Company

  • Aaron Kalb

    Hey Art,

    Any news on a ship date? It’s time to update my old Epson HC400 720p pj from 2008!

    • Lisa Feierman

      Best guess – before Nov 1 I would expect them in stock at the dealers. I’m expecting a pre-production 3020 or 5020 to arrive for review before end of this month (Sept.). Full production can’t be that far behind. -a

  • http://MaddinHauser Brandon Buck


    Any update on this? I can’t wait for your review and am hoping you still receive by end of Sept. Holding off on buying Optoma HD33 to see what you think of this 3020, and whether it has improved input lag and if crosstalk/ghosting is gone in 3D.

    Thanks. Brandon

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Brandon, All I can tell you is that the 5020 is supposed to land here by the end of next week. The 3020, I would expect a week later. -art

  • Reid

    I am building a new home with a dedicated home theater room. The home shold be complee by January. I plan to spend under $2000.00 on the projector and will probably buy the Epson 3020. Are there any other models in my price range that can compete with the 3020? I don’t have to have 3d but it would be cool to have on occasion.

    • Lisa Feierman

      The 3020 is likely a very good choice. If you are really not interested in 3D, you can consider the Panaonic PT-AR100U. Others – The DLP Acer H9600BD is a touch rough around the edges but an excellent overall projector. If you have a room where you need bright, the BenQ W7000 is also an excellent choice, and the prices, I hear are now sub-$2000. The other thing you can look for are any deals on projectors like the the Epson 5010 and Panasonic PT-AE7000 both being replaced.