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Home Theater Update! – Panasonic PT-AE8000 and Viewsonic Reviews, more

Greetings.  This is just a quick update – one that I should have put out a few days ago, regarding the status of the Viewsonic Pro 9000 projector and the Panasonic PT-AE8000 projectors for your home theater.

The Panasonic PT-AE8000 is here – Mike’s calibrated it, and I’ve more than 20 hours of viewing so far, including a lot of sports, a few movies (including Avengers in 3D, and part of Avatar in 3D) mostly 2D ones.  It is my hope to publish the PT-AE8000 this weekend.  At the very, very, latest, though, one week from today, the 23rd.

Why then for the Panasonic PT-AE8000 projector? – I’m flying to the east coast that day, so, I’ll have many hours to finish the review if not already done and posted.

As to the Viewsonic Pro9000 projector, the review is about 90% written and will definitely post this evening.  This is a review that will be updated / rewritten shortly after we get a look at a full production version of the Pro9000 projector.  We’ve identified some menu issues, and some color ones on this pre-production sample, that should be fixed with the full production Pro 9000 arriving perhaps end of week.   It won’t take long to determine how much better the final version is than this early one.  We have already been told that some of the things we discovered have already been taken care of with newer firmware.

Stay tuned.  Regarding the PT-AE8000, also note that the Epson Home Cinema 5020 should arrive while we have the Panasonic here, which means a serious shoot-out will occur between the latest versions these perennial competitors (which, of course happen to also use the same LCD panels).

So, Viewsonic, Panasonic and Epson projectors, are all coming up in the next two weeks.  Did I mention that an Epson Home Cinema 3020 is also here, but I’ll put the Epson Home Cinema 5020 ahead of it, should it arrive soon enough.  Otherwise, the HC3020 will publish ahead of the HC5020.

Thanks and stay tuned for more home theater updates! -art

PS – Scott, one of our gamer / projector /bloggers, has the Sony VPL-HW50ES, testing it for gaming – including lag times.

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  • Jaime Manaid

    We’ve been waiting for your full review of the Epson HC 5020 and the comparison with the Panasonic PT AE8000.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Jaime – Working on the Competitor’s page this weekend. The comparison between the two goes into greater depth, trying to work it in next week, as I’m also in the midst of the hC3020 and Mitsubishi HC7900dw. -art

  • Len

    Art,Have you tried the 2d-3d conversion on the hc7900dw is it as good as others have said?

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Len, Not sure what others have said, and I’m certainly not going to buy into the hype about it being about as good as 3D generated content. That said it certainly was much more watchable than Epson’s or Panasonic’s. (I didn’t spend much time trying it (minutes – not hours). No let me rephrase that. the other two aren’t watchable… The Mitsubishi just might be, sometimes? I don’t think I would but I’d need to really spend some time with it, not viewing a few scenes 5 minutes each…

      So, will you be watching most of your 2D movies in 3D? I don’t think so, but Mitsubishi demonstrates the tech is getting a lot closer. On the other hand, kids will likely be perfectly happy with it. (not too young, please). I hope that helps, but being able to watch the Avengers with 2D converted to 3D, is not going to look like watching the 3D version, even if it’s in the general ballpark.
      Perhaps I should have spent more time with the HC7900DW working with 2D-3D, but in my effort I never felt “cool – this really works – I’ll be watching lots of stuff converted. It didn’t get me there. And I do love 3D. -art

  • Lisa Feierman

    Hi Mark,

    The PT-AE4000 is still a good projector. The newer, and 3D capable AE7000 and now the PT-AE8000 are brighter and 3D, and have some other refinements, but as 2D projectors, they are very similar. Most of the other features are the same, sans 3D. Black levels have been improving each year, but there still wouldn’t be much difference between the AE4000 and AE8000.

    In other words, at the right price, a great choice. -art