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JVC RS60 – one extra day's Delay – Thank FedX

Greetings everyone,
Well for those waiting for the JVC DLA-RS60 (specs) review, we lost a day getting the unit back to JVC to be checked out.
So all you folk out there give a round of thanks to Fedex – here’s the scoop!
We had put in a request for a pickup, as usual.
They didn’t show.
OK, stuff happens, but this time it turns out, it’s systemic.
They have a confirmation number system, but we didn’t get one. We didn’t know we needed one, considering the Fedex site’s Shipping page shows: “Pick Up Requested”.
Well we called up to complain, and get this, “it’s a website problem”. so we, and no doubt thousands of others who use their online system for a pickup will have this happen “once in a while”. (first time for us). A supervisor basically said, things like this take months and committees to fix.
Still, very annoying. Fedex is losing its touch, if that’s their attitude. Give’m hell for me if you get the chance.

Well, sorry to waste your time with this but I figured I owed Fedex one!  I’m sure JVC will have a look at it, and I expect to have something to tell you by the weekend, – another unit coming, or changed out lamp, or “Art’s crazy”.  I’ll keep you posted. -art

News And Comments

  • Jaime Manaid

    When will panasonic release its 3D projector? Are the new 3D jvc projectors worth buying? Thank you

    • Lisa Feierman

      Based on almost no info given out from Panasonic, I’m figuring most likely we won’t see it until the fall. Panasonic traditionally releases new home theater product in Sept, or October. But, ya neva know!

      JVC’s = of course expensive, excellent as 2D projectors – and always worth their price for that alone. I’m concerned though about 1st gen 3d processing, and not enough lumens. I’ll express my best conclusions after I get to actually review one… -art

  • Verners


    Im dying to see a review of the new JVC, the new Epsons (the reflective lcd ones) and the new Mitsubishi if its not the sony under a different name.

    I just want to know if i should invest in on of the newer models or just go with the JVC DLA-HD750 (RS-20 in US?), as that was the one i was planning to get this summer.

    Do you have one of the new epsons planned for review?

    • Lisa Feierman

      The new Mitsubishi is not a 90ES, but like the LG CF3D, it does use Sony LCoS panels. (or that’s the story I’ve been told)
      I’m dying to finish a review of the JVC…
      New vs. old. I’m in the same boat, I’ve got an RS20 as my primary… Do I need a 50 or 60? I like 3D – a lot. I want some now. Do I buy a 3D projector today, that I figure will be noticeably improved upon next year? (Hey, its a 2D projector first, and every JVC has been worth it for the 2D).

      But price and budget, your level of “enthusiast-ism”, 3D, and what you watch, and especially how soon before you replace, are all things you’ll have to sort out. Myself, I’m even considering buying a year, by picking up a sub $1000 720p 3D capable DLP projector, and one of those converters that will let them run 1080p blu-ray content, etc…
      I won’t know, though until I review thes JVCs Sonys and Epsons… -art

  • Matthieu

    Any news yet?
    Can hardly wait, like many I believe.

    I did read that the Xpand X103 Universal glasses have half less the light loss compared to other brand 3D glasses, like the Sony’s for example.

    It seems that the JVC uses JVC branded XpanD X103 glasses. (Not universal)
    So if this JVC performs well in brightness during 3D, it might also have something to do with the Xpand 3D glasses.

    Maybe for you it is usefull to order a pair of those X103 universal 3D-glasses yourself, for comparing the upcoming 3D projectors on brightness?

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Matthieu,

      I’m ahead of you there. I have an old pair of XPanDs here, and had just emailed my contact a few days ago… Actually I’m going to try to talk them out of up to a half dozen. Afterall, for 3D sports viewing I like having several friends over to consult with, so they’ll all need’em too. You know, “Hey, did you see that $@%^$^ shot?” yep, serious consulting. And yes that is what I’m told the RS60′s are as well.

      I’m hoping to hear back tomorrow re the DLA-RS60 and what they want to do, and when I can get an RS60 or other RS in here, asap.

      I’m doing a lot of homework on screen impact on brightness. Seems as per the posts you may have seen here, or on avs, that, because LCD and LCoS projectors rely heavily on polarization techniques – something DLP’s don’t do, polarization retention of the screen surface becomes a factor with projectors like the RS60, but not on a DLP such as the recently reviewed Sharp XV-Z17000.

      I’m still very concerned about the brightness of the RS60 even if a 2nd RS60 proves to have several hundred more lumens, but the screen I have been using, the Elite HC gray, I have no idea how well it does at polarization retention. The long report with rankings of screens that was posted does have the Carada BW surface at .5 which technically isn’t very good for a projector like the RS60, if I understand all this clearly, therefore that screen would produce a dimmer image with the JVC, than another screen with a 2 rating… It’s quite possible that the Elite screen I’m using is also not a good match, in which case some of my concerns about brightness will be amended. Saying all that, even the Sharp, which measured over 1100 lumens was just adequate for 3D on a 100″ 16:9 – that same Elite screen. and I presume that would be the equivilent of a JVC like machine with similar lumens matched with a screen with excellent polarization retention. In other words with the right screen, the best one can hope for for an LCoS, may be the same as a DLP will give you regardless of the retention. Still sorting it out.

      I think we can all get these projectors to perform, in 3D, with the right screen match up, including more gain than we might otherwise want. Ahh, all the trade-offs… and it’s still new tech

  • Drexler

    Hey Art,

    Just wanted to leave a comment regarding polarization retention.

    The LCOS projectors actually have an advantage over the DLP’s with regards to polarization, not the other way around. The DLPs on the other hand should show less ghosting as they can switch left/right much faster.

    The shutter glasses are polarized and will immediately cut off half the light from a non polarized light source like a DLP projector.

    However, if you have an LCOS and a screen that retains polarization – the light is already polarized when it reaches the glasses and the polarizers in the glasses will let almost all the light through (The glasses will of course still dim the image since they’re inserting black frames).

    So comparing a DLP and an LCOS with the same brightness and a fully polarized screen, the LCOS would theoretically get about twice as much light through the glasses as the DLP.

    There’s one exception. If you use the JVC’s with the Xpand glasses the polarization is perpendicular (vertical on the JVC, horizontal on the glasses). If you now use a screen the fully retains the polarization the image will turn black behind the glasses. All the light is blocked.

    With a screen that doesn’t preserve the polarization, there will be no difference between the Xpands and the JVC glasses. For example the Da-Lite High Power – which IMHO is an excellent choice for 3D as it boost brightness significantly without introducing annoying artifacts like hotspotting and sparklies. You might want to consider getting one of those for 3D viewing – they’re not very expensive, especially the pull-down versions can be found really cheap ($3-400).

    Just my $.05

    Looking forward to the reviews!


  • Darrel

    What’s the latest update on the RS60 review? Please compare the RS60 to the Runco LS10; I’m always interested in hearing how projectors like JVC and Panasonic compare to Runco products.

    • Lisa Feierman

      CAn’t get a response from JVC. The person I work with travels a lot. I think he just missed the projector after we shipped… But I’m still trying – I’ve also answered another with the same question, with more detail.. -art