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Mitsubishi HC9000D projector review just posted

Greetings, here’s the short version:
Mitsubishi’s HC9000D is another excellent 2D projector with 3D capabilities, competing with similarly capable projectors  in the $4K – $12K range.  It’s got a few more lumens for 3D than the Sony VW90ES, and the Sharp XV-Z17000, even more compared the JVC RS60…
The HC9000D has a great CFI for movie viewing!  That’s a real highlight for me. The HC9000′s  dynamic iris is smooth, but very slow.
Check out the HC9000D review. -art

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  • Neville Burnell

    Thanks for this review.

    BTW, the comparison section seems to be confused – comparing the JVC projectors with a Sony, not the HC9000D. Perhaps a cut and paste gone wrong?

    Kind Regards


    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Neville,

      The competitors page is always last. As it says at the top of the page – coming soon. Meantime, I always use an recent “competitors” page, as the template, for the next one. So, it’s not unusual right after a review goes up, for what seems to be a partially emptied competitors page. I’ll be working on that, this weekend. -art