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More Projector Reviews Site Changes – and More Projectors

Greetings all,

We continue to improve our projector site, and I just wanted to bring you up to speed on some of the new changes.

Also, I’m open to suggestions for further improvements – keep things modest though – I’m talking the site, not individual reviews, at this time.  Please post any suggestions only to this particular blog page.

OK, let’s talk about some new tabs found on the masthead (the top) of all pages.

We now have the first pull-down tab labeled Projector Reviews. There you will find the two “old” directories (each had their own tab) for review of projectors – the Home Theater Projector Reviews directory, and the Digital Projector Reviews directory.  Those continue to list all appropriate reviews, by manufacturer and date.   The Digital Projector directory, also, I must note, lists all reviews – including some blog reviews, screens, and accessories.   Eventually we’ll break out an accessories page as well.

The biggest change is the second tab from the left:

Projector Categories

This contains more than a dozen different “landing pages” they are descriptions of different major terms used in the industry to describe categories of projectors.   1080p projectors, LCD projectors, video projectors, pico projectors, school projectors, and the list goes on.   These often seriously overlap each other, which makes you wonder why we have so many.  Consider – not much difference between multimedia projector, video projector, and digital projector.   Nor is there much difference between pico projector, mini projector, pocket projector, and handheld projector, if any.  LED projectors however, originally were all pocket or pico projectors, now however, a number of bigger projectors are sporting LED light engines – so there are 5 ounce LED projectors, and also 10 and 40 pound LED projectors too, such as the Vivitek H9080FD  (the first LED light source home theater projector under $20K) that we reviewed previously.

But, different folks type those different terms when searching, and these changes should make it a little easier for those using search engines to find our site, and, of course, information on these projectors!

There’s more, though. Each of those landing pages does provide a good description of the term, and will show you pictures in rotation of a number of projectors that fit the category.  You can click on those thumbnails of  a projector, for a larger version and a bit of information on them, plus links to their reviews and more.

Of course we can’t list all 1080p projectors (and show their images) on the 1080p landing page, as there would be many dozens.  For that reason, our main directories are still there, as well as all our search functions found on the left column of the site.

We will try to keep the images updated to reflect the most current and interesting projectors, although as these landing pages are just coming on line, many show some projectors that are on their way out, as the new ones are just starting to ship.

Here’s a link to a screen capture of the Projector Categories pull-down tab.  (The image is too big to embed in the blog). I had selected LCoS projectors, so you can see some of the thumbnails, and the enlarge LG image.  The basic description of that projector would be right below, with a link to the review.  More info about LCoS projectors is found further below.

And that folks is about it, for now.  Again, if you have any great, (but modest to implement?) suggestions, now is the time!  Thanks! -art

PS.  In the next two months also look for a redesign and improvement of our projector database.   The end result should be both better, and better looking.  I’ve never been happy with the database as laid out, so, we’ll try to make better overall.

News And Comments

  • TMA-1

    Hi Art,
    You have a lot of European readers and many projector models (especially Epson) has different names in Europe then the rest of the world.
    It is often very difficult for many of us (or me) to understand what European equivalent the projector you review has. An example, wich of the projectors you’ve reviewed is Epson EH-TW5500? Would it be possible for you to write the European model-name also when ever you mention an Epson projector?

    • Lisa Feierman

      Actually could use help from the EU crowd. Generally at least one EU model is virtually the same as the Pro Cinema version here. The thing is, in the US, Epson strips out a feature or two, drops on a white case, and calls a projector a Home Cinema version. Those usually don’t have direct equivalents. I’d like to have a reference, just for my own use, in reviews, if nothing else.
      Actually, I think I’ll put the onus on Epson – I’m going to drop them a request right now… curious as to what they say, since they (US prod managers) probably don’t know off the top, either. -a

  • Scott

    Do you have any reviews of the big box store projectors? Specifically Vivitek H5082 and JVC DLA-HD350? Looking for comparison to Epson 8500UB.

    • Lisa Feierman

      The JVC is essentially identical to the JVC Pro series – the RS15. Any differences are cosmetic. They are just sold through two different dealer channels.

      As to the H5082, not sure about the 82, relative to the H5080 we’ve already reviewed, but should be similar… The question is, what are the differences.

  • TMA-1

    Any word yet from Epson about EU modelnames?

    • Lisa Feierman

      Someone at Epson US, is trying to put a list together – they don’t know themselves, so no doubt will be in touch with Epson EU, etc.

  • Dan Edmunds

    Come on Art, where’s the LG CF3D review? I am dying to find out what you make of the best 3D projector at CEDIA (that doesn’t cost the same as a deposit on a house..)

    • Lisa Feierman

      It’s up! -art

  • Darryl Lowe

    Hi Art

    I had trouble finding this Blog site. It doesn’t appear to be a link anywhere on your website…!?


    • Lisa Feierman

      Strange, upper right corner of all pages, and also left center column on homepage. art