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Newest Review is Posted: Viewsonic Pro8200 projector

The review went live just a bit ago.  As usual, it’s a work in progress.  Lori will have to proof, I still have the competitors section, the Pros and Cons, and Menus and Remote Control to finish, plus HDTV, sports images have to be added.  All in the next couple of days.

The short of it, is, it’s a nice, affordable, under $1000 projector (currently $949, and a free 80 inch pull-down screen and a free mount!

Check out the full Viewsonic Pro8200 review!

News And Comments

  • Inquirer

    Nice review. I wish your reviews had more direct ‘comparison’ language in them, but your amazing image comparisons almost make up for them.

    We just bought a house with a third floor movie room. And for the past three weeks, I have immersed myself in everything Home Theater.

    So, overall. Which of these projectors has the blackest blacks:

    * Mitsubishi HC4000
    * Epson 8350
    * Optoma H20
    * Viewsonic Pro8200

    note: The projector will be mounted on top

    Also, I loved your April 2010 “Best 1080p Projectors” Any chance we will get to see an April 2011 “Best 1080p projectors” article? If so, I can’t wait. I’m particularly looking forward to the under $2000 write up.

    A fan of your website,

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Inquirer,

      Thanks! Well, an easy question, for a change. Of the 4, Overall, it’s the 8350 that on the darkest scenes, can get a little darker than the HC4000. The HC4000 has the best native blacks but no iris. On mixed, but dark scenes, the HC4000 will have the edge, but not likely on something like the night train scene from Casino Royale.

      Re the big annual home theater report.
      Yes, it will publish, either late May, or early June this year. Problem has been the manufacturers, so few units to review since Cedia, and so many to go.

      JVC and Epson have been the big hang up. Still no word on what Epson’s doing with the “R” series, and I’ve got only a “somewhat incomplete” review of the RS60, still waiting on the others…

      As a result, around here, we’re moving up our Classroom projector comparison to end of April, and then I hope to get 3-4 more home theater projectors in, and reviewed, in time to get included in the (1080p) home theater projector comparison report. -art