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Projector Reviews: Review Schedule Update – Epson, Sony, Panasonic

UPDATE: The Sony VPL-HW30ES projector review has been posted!

Greetings everyone,

Some last minute changes.

As some of you have noticed, we’ve published the GT750 Optoma review, although some aspects won’t be finished until I return from vacation (such as measurements).

It looks like we know what the next 5 reviews to publish will be, assuming the manufacturers can keep from fouling me up, with “schedule changes”.

OK, as you know, I’ve had the Epson Home Cinema 3010 – actually, it’s a Home Cinema 3010e, but with two pair of 3D glasses tossed into the box for our reviewing pleasure (they are optional with the “e” version of the projector).

I had anticipated posting the Epson tomorrow (it’s 80% written up already), but yesterday, Epson asked me to hold off (more below).

So, the new order looks like this:

1.  Sony VPL-HW30ES projector – 3D capable  - being written up right now.  Hope to post on Sunday, more likely Monday. I’m done working with it, and will start writing it up on my plane flight later today.  Lisa’s finishing the image processing as I write this.
2.  Epson 3010 projector – 3D capable –  The story here; review mostly finished but Epson sending a newer (non-engineering sample) due to last minute changes to the design.  They have asked me not to publish until I’ve had a chance to see the finished product.    They promise the  new Epson will arrive by end of this coming week.  I should be able to update my review, and post it, if the replacement arrives on time), by Oct 18th, 19st, at the latest.
3.  That should put the PT-AE7000U third, to publish end of the following week (around the 21st of October)  Panasonic contacted me to say a unit almost ready.  They say they will ship it directly to Mike, for Calibration, this coming week, while I’m on vacation.  I should be able to start as soon as I get back on the 16th, after a quick look at the changes between this engineering sample Epson, and a production one.
4.  It’s looking like the projector to follow these three will be the Epson 5010 or 6010 whichever version they send.   Or, the 5010 might arrive a week later, and I’ll have to work another projector in, between the Panasonic and Epson.  But, I”m really hoping to have both here at the same time.  At the worst case, I’ll have the Sony HW30ES here, and the lower cost Epson, when the Panny arrives, so at least two other 2D/3D projectors for comparison.
5.  Sometime in the next 10 days, Mike will finish a review he’s working on.  That one’s the Epson Megaplex MG-850HD, their newest all-in-one home theater projector system.    The cool thing about the Megaplex is that you can slap your iPhone, or iPad right onto the holder, and stream directly…
That’s about it.  there is also a BenQ W7000 coming later this year, and the Mitusbishi HC7800D, to name a couple of other important projectors that should be arriving in Nov/early December.
Sony has promised another projector (Probably the VPL-VW1000ES), but JVC says no review units, at least before the end of the year, so don’t expect any JVC reviews anytime soon, if at all.  Last year, to do the HD250, I had to borrow one from an owner.   (I’d do the same this year, if someone has an X30 or RS45 they might share, while waiting for their room to be finished, etc.  (contact me if interested).
Also look for a review of the new low (for them) cost Runco LS1.    I’m expecting a Digital Projection projector for review (our first home projector from them), but that may well have to wait until January.
And of course, there’s the Panasonic PT-AR100U, their new $2K 2D family room projector.  I don’t have a date on that, but I rarely get first crack at Panasonic.  Figure the “loyal opposition” will publish the first PT-AR100U review before the end of October, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get one, and have it reviewed around thanksgiving.   It’s a priority projector for us, so the sooner they can find me one, the faster we’ll have it posted
There are others that will be arriving as well.  It’s going to be a very busy almost 3 months, to say the least, with lots of great new projectors.   -art

News And Comments

  • reuben

    FYI, people on AVS have found the URL to your Epson 3010 review and have posted it last night.

    I stated that it’s probably not finalized yet because the link isn’t public.

    I’ve been permanently banned from AVS for defending the 3010 aggressively over the Optoma HD33/3300. I don’t understand AVS – because you’ve got GuitarMan and several others doing the same in the HD33 thread (against Epson).

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Reuben,

      Seems they’ve been banning more folks of late (two of my bloggers, included). Between the two projectors, though, I’m definitely the Epson fan. The Optoma’s going to be a touch cleaner in terms of 3D artifacts (crosstalk), but the extra brightness has given the Epson a big boost, plus, better warranty, lower cost of operation, etc. Myself, I’d rather some minor artifact and adequalte brightness, than cleaner, but too dim. I’ll have to stop by and visit, see what folks are brewing over on AVS. Of course AVS, as long as I’ve been aware of them, has always been run by a dealer. They always forbade discussing other dealer pricing, etc. until they put up the paid area… forum sponsors have to eat, too… -art

  • Randy

    Hello Art,

    I recently bought an Epson 8700UB and I have a question concerning the zoom part of your review (great reveiw by the way). You mentioned that I can get a 60-65% brighter picture in wide-angle as opposed to full telephoto. I’m a little technically challenged with these terms.

    Let’s say that the projector is set at 8 feet from the screen and I turn the zoom so that the picture is at its smallest size. Is that wide-angle or telephoto?

    Let’s say that the projector is set at 8 feet from the screen and I turn the zoom so that the picture is HUGE and is much larger than the screen. Is that wide-angle or telephoto?

    Your reply will determine where I mount the projector permanently.

    I thank-you in advance for your assistance,


    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi, Yes, wide-angle, telephoto, zoom in/out, etc. keep us all confused. Wide angle – normally the brightest is when you are creating the largest possible image from whatever distance you are at. Another way to describe it, is when the projector is placed as close to the screen as possible and still fill it. With the Epson, the difference is substantial. I wouldn’t worry about being at the absolutely closest, most likely, the lens isn’t at its very best at either extreme. We’re quibbling though. Just get it placed and enjoy. -art

  • Lisa Feierman

    Hi Steve, Somewhere in there I’m pretty sure I said, that it exhibited minor crosstalk. I also noted, as I recall that I don’t seem to be bothered by crosstalk as much as some others… Which is a break, it’s been no honor to be rainbow sensitive. -art