The Art of Home Theater Projectors

The 2010 Home Projector Comparison Report is Live

and still being worked on.

Greetings all,

I’m partially recovered from working on the report, as well as from the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend. BTW, my favorite performers (I only made the Sat and Sunday events, not Friday), were Tom Yorke (without Radiohead), Muse, Pavement, Gorillaz and MGNT and Dead Weather (Jack White).  Others I heard that were very good included XX, Edward Sharp? and for those that like to dance (including me), Tiesto!

Then, because I never can get enough, saw the Eagles at the Hollywood Bowl, on Tuesday.  It was cold out there, but great concert.  Make that awesome, especially the all acoustic parts.

But, back to life.  As soon as I post these two blogs, I’m going to spend the weekend churning out a pile of side by side comparisons for the report.  The first two should go live late tonight, or by 2pm tomorrow.  My goal is about a dozen, like last year…

And yes, it will mostly be comparisons between the awards winners.  Not much point in doing a comparison between two projectors that didn’t impress me, (even if one of them impressed some of you), when there are an almost infinite (ok almost 1000) possible side-by-sides with 30 projectors.

After the comparisons, I still have to finish the HC6800 review, but that may take a few weeks.

I have another project that will bore most of you HT enthusiasts.  I have to publish my annual K-12 Projector Comparison Report for the schools.  It’s a priority, as purchasing season for K-12 schools is about to open.  After that…

It will be time to finish the HC6800, and start with 3D.  And that will be the topic of the blog to follow in a few minutes. -art

News And Comments

  • Where is it?

    So where is it? All I can find is you blathering on and on and on about how you’re writing stuff, but CAN’T ACTUALLY FIND ANY OF IT.

    Put up a link, don’t make us dig through 90 billion blog posts about nothing!

    • Lisa Feierman

      It’s on the website, not the blog. Sorry about that, My blog is just a very small part of the whole website:

      I tend to assume most people find the blog, from the site. So, you can click on the link for the site, from the blog, or just click above. In addition, I’ll have a link right to the start of the report added to the blog itself. Meantime:

  • Jesper


    I just wanna say thank you Art for such a big and intressting report,as always.

  • Bernie Troitsky

    Hey Art:
    Just wanted to let you know that you’ve got a couple of paragraphs duplicated in your Mits 6800 full review on the first page.

    • Lisa Feierman

      thanks, Lori’s not gotten to it yet… I’ll remind her! -art

  • Nikolaj

    Hi Art.
    I have read your comparison report with great interest. thank you very much
    Im getting close to buy my first projector for our “all-purpose” room with some ambient light
    Im from Europe though and the manufacturers pricing policy is quite different compared to the us market.
    In low to mid range the benq w6000 is 1,950, the pana pt-ae4000 is 2,069, the lg is 1,899 and the epson is 2,999 (all in euros)… does these eur prices make a significant difference to your rankings?

    • Lisa Feierman

      Yes, they do. Assuming screen size is not too large, my choice of the field is the Epson, but I couldn’t use it with my 128″ firehawk screen, for example.

      BAsed on the prices you show, all I can give you are my picks. Of the four, BenQ W6000 would be my first choice, considering the prices, I’d opt for the LG second (though now, that would probably be the Vivitek H5080 (before the LG), (if priced around $2K over there). I’m just not a big Panny fan, although I appreciate why it’s so popular…

  • Lisa Feierman

    Eagles sound was excellent. Blew far more money a ticket (over $250) than I normally would for such things, but my wife and I were celebrating our 20th anniversary.

    Concert was at the Hollywood bowl we were about 25 feet behind the soundboard, dead center (outdoors), Sound was awesome. Weather was a bit cold and threatened rain, but it didn’t and didn’t get very cold. A superb evening, for sure. Overall excellent. Still we were about 80 feet back from the stage, I would have liked to be about half that or closer. They played for a total of 2:40. And that’s after I subtract out the time between last regular song and encore (4 songs). -art