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The Art of Home Theater Projectors takes a week off

Greetings all,

Just wanted to warn you all,  that I’m on a family vacation this week. I won’t be able to answer comments that contain questions, nor emails that come in to

Hang in there.  To quote the “Governator”  (as we call Arnold out here in CA) – “I’ll be baaack!”  -art

News And Comments

  • Tom

    Hi Art,

    I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the new BenQ W6000. 2500 Lumens and 50,000:1 contrast…seems almost too good to be true :)


    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Tom!

      Thoughts – We’ll I saw an engineering sample in June at Infocomm. It was not in a theater type room, just hitting a screen in their booth, which was not very well sheltered from ambient light (as in barely). It did seem especially bright. The contrast spec is way up there, and I expect it to be at least very good, since it’s replacing the W5000 which already qualifies as what I call a “ultra-high” contrast projector. The high contrast specs, however, really don’t mean that much, due to the funky tricks used to get the measurements. One manufacturer’s 20,000:1, definitely has the potential to be superior to another manufacturer’s 50,000:1. We shall just have to see. hang in there! -a

      I had hoped – BenQ originally thought they could get one to me this month, but I’m still waiting. It’s high on my priority list, as I’m a big fan of brighter projectors, and as many of you know, I’ve owned several BenQ’s in the past, and generally consider them to do a better than average job, overall, compared to most of the DLP manufacturers competing in the under $5000 price ranges.

      I’m still hoping to get one in, and at least get a blog posted before CEDIA in 2 weeks. BenQ today, said they’d get back to me Monday, as to when I might now expect to get one in. (I’m only 20 miles from there, and usually drive up to pick up their latest, as soon as they have one ready for me. -art

  • Scott

    Hi Art,

    Projector People posted a side by side comparison of the Optoma HD20 vs. Epson 6500UB. I would like to know if you plan on comparing the two projectors? I know the Epson is priced a lot higher, but since seeing this video I was curious as to how the Optoma will hold up under your critique.

    • Lisa Feierman

      Hi Scott,

      I’m at a loss. Just spent 5 minutes looking around projector people’s site for the comparison. Send a link, if you have one.

      BTW, I’ll be posting the HD20 review either Sunday, or Monday night. For $999 it’s fairly impressive. However, that said, it is really no match for a projector like the 6500UB, although it can do some things better (it’s brighter in best mode, for example, but the Epson has any number of modes that are brighter still, have better black levels, etc.

      Comparing it to the 6100, or the Sanyo Z700 or other low cost DLP’s would make more sense, but, on the other hand, for some, it’s “spend $1000 now, upgrade later, or spend $2500 now, type scenarios.

      Stay tuned! -art

  • Peter Miller

    Hi Art,
    I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about the new Sony VPL-HW15 which was announced by Sony (Australia) on August 27? Also, do you have any idea if Epson will be annoucing any new models at the up coming CEDIA show in September?


    • Lisa Feierman

      Greetings Peter,

      Let’s just say I’ve heard rumors about it. Sony has an embargo date of Sept 8th or 9th (can’t remember which) in the US, the first day of the CEDIA show. Until then, we press are not allowed to share any information on Sony’s new home theater projector(s)?