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Vivitek H5080 projector – coming soon

OK, a group of you guys have been pounding me unmercifully to find out what differences there are between the Vivitek H5080 home theater projector, and the Optoma HD8200 projector we’ve already reviewed.

They are obviously coming out of the same factory.  They seem very much the same projector, but, one must expect some differences.

Vivitek is sending me an H5080 home projector in a couple of weeks.  I will be specifically looking at it to determine if it’s just a close variation on the HD8200, in which case I’ll just do a one page review talking about the differences.  If, however, differences are substantial enough that I deem it noticeably better or worse than the Optoma, then a full review is in order.

And for those of you wondering, yes, I still have to write up the Mitsubishi HC6800, and I also have here, an LG AF115, which is similar to the C181FD I reviewed, but with a feature or two less, for a slightly lower price… I’ll sort out the differences there, too (LG vs. LG).  -art

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  • Bruce


    Thanks for doing this. I know your busy and your werent expecting it. What did the Vivitek people say? Did they admit to the unit being the same? Also isnt the Vivitek 5080 being compared to the Optoma HD8600…not the 8200? Thanks so much Art!

    • Lisa Feierman


      OK, relax, I meant the HD8600, not the HD8200. Didn’t mean to get everyone all concerned…

      Yes, it looks more like an 8600, it has the same weight, and offers different lenses, like the HD8600.

      The confusing issue is the contrast – the HD8600 claims 50,000:1, vs 25,000:1. (the HD8200 is 20,000:1).
      Vivitek uses pixelworks for the CFI. That’s true of Epson. I’m not sure about the Optoma (I’ll have to double check), but the point is, that even if they (H5080, HD8600) both are using Pixelworks, that doesn’t mean they are all of the same calibre. We shall have to see… -art

  • Billy


    I thought the Vivitek 5080/2 was an offshoot of the Optoma 8600 because of the specs, same size and casing they shared.

  • Matt P

    I think the 5080 is far more likely to be based around the same oem unit as the 8600, not the 8200. Forget for a moment the CFI, the lumens, and the contrast. The 5080 is identical in shape and size to the 8600, which is slightly different than the 8200. Also, the 8200 has 2 hdmi ins, the 8600 has three, and so does the 5080. The interchangeable lenses are the same offerings as that of the 8600, which I didn’t think were available on the 8200. While it may be something functionally half way between the two in internal components, externally it appears to be more of an 8600.

    Also, the 8600 may in fact have the frame interpolation system. Vivitek lists a feature called vivimotion. Again, this would almost certainly mean it’s an 8600.

    The 8600 uses a 220 watt UHP and the 8600 uses a 280 watt P-VIP, a more advanced UHP system. I have no idea what the 5080 uses for a bulb system, but the wattage matches the 8600. Total wattage is slightly lower on the 5080 than the 8600, but far closer than it is to the 8200. Again, I think this points to being an 8600.

  • Matt P

    oops I meant that the 8200 uses the 220 watt UHP

  • PatB

    I hope this isn’t too much off topic.

    Yesterday I stumbled across a really inexpensive projector or family of projectors. I hadn’t heard of them and that’s your fault. Like thousands of others, I expect to keep up on projector developments simply by reading your blog and website.

    So what about OX Pro and Favi?

    I think these are Chinese products but they are not just knock offs of Japanese, American or European technology. They all seem to use a unique super cheap lamp unlike any other I’ve ever seen. It only costs $28 on Amazon and supposedly lasts from 6,000 to 8,000 hours. From the pictures on their web site it looks a lot like the High Intensity bulb in my desk lamp. My desk lamp bulb costs maybe $10. My projector bulb costs about $300 (for a Japanese bulb) or $200 (for a much inferior Chinese bulb).

    All the OX Pro machines are advertised as HD 1080 projectors although with careful reading its clear that these are not native 1080. Some are only 800 by 600.

    OTH they have “extra” features. Most have built in speakers and some have built in DVD players. They start at just over $200. At that price you could buy one or more models and report to your faithful readers just what is going on here. These things don’t seem to be business projectors nor are they very much like Home Theater projectors.

  • Suza


    If you decide to do the H5080..

    It would be interesting if you could compare black levels between the Vivitek and the LG CF181D. Especially if the Vivitek is as bright as the Optoma HD8600 in best mode. Thanks!

    • Lisa Feierman

      OK, I’ve got one here now, arrived a couple days ago. I won’t get to really play with it for about 10 days, I’ve got other stuff to work on first… but, I’ll at least sort out if there’s any real difference between this Viv and the Optoma. -art

  • EJ

    Any word on when you might get to this PJ? Would love to hear your input on this one…

  • Audio Video Design Expert

    Hey Art,It’s been a month since you posted your comment. It would be cool to see a review on the H5080 after you finish playing around with it. Sounds like a very nice piece of equipment.

  • Steve Atkinson

    Okay Art…… your “10″ days were up 22 days ago….