Viewsonic PJD6211 Projector Specifications

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  • Francisco Herrera

    It fails Two times the DMD CHIP, a lot of white spots appear in the screen. In the first time Viewsonic USA change my model for a “new one”, but thios one fails on 400 lamp hour. I wont never buy a DLP and much less a Viewsonic Projector. Apart of this issue is a good model, High def image, great bright….but Texas instruments DMD chips are likely to fail, and are very expensive, at least $180-250.


      HI Francisco,

      Sorry, for your problems. I would contact Viewsonic again. A failure at 400 hours is not the reputation a manufacturer wants.

      As to DLP (DMD chips in general), they are considered rather reliable. At least a couple / few million DLP projectors are sold every year. For example, of the LED light source projectors – of which almost all are DLP, 2012 sales were 1.7 million units. If anything DLP chip failures are considered less likely than 3LCD panel failures.

      In other words, it is unfortunate that you have had two problems, but ultimately, the vast majority of folks be it DLP or LCD, won’t suffer any failures. I would hope our industry has a failure rate of under 1% a year. However, even at 1% a year, that would be (between home and business projectors), about 20,000 failures a year in the US. Unfortunately, some folks get to be the unlucky ones.

      That said, if you have had two failures and only about 400 hours (from what you wrote, I’d try Viewsonic again. See if you can get someone in management to consider your situation. I couldn’t tell what failed on the second projector. Most manufacturers warranty lamps for 500 hours, so probably not the lamp. Good luck! -art

      • Francisco Herrera

        Mmm I really apreciate your response. Thats a very good Idea. I live in Costa Rica and I bought it in amazon, but here there is a represetative for viewsonic, I will try to expose my case! Thank You very much… This is a great Site!