Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector Review – Advanced Calibration Information

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News And Comments

  • dslunceford

    As always, thanks for the in-depth review! I’m getting ready to finally upgrade my seven year old Mitsubishi HD1000U. I was set to pick up a Refurb Epson 5020, which is now ~$1,800, but have seen a couple of outlets that have the Sony VPLHW40ES new at a similar price point.

    You pointed out the performance of black levels compared to the Epson 5030, while a model year older, would you expect a similar level of disparity in black level performance for the Sony 40ES vs the Epson 5020 (set up is a light controlled basement media room)?

    As someone who also has planned use for video gaming ~20% of the time, the lower input lag of the Sony is attractive as well.