The Art of Home Theater Projectors

Buried in Projectors for the Home: Sony, AAXA, BenQ, and of course…

We’ve got home projectors sitting here to be reviewed – large and small, even tiny ones.

Greetings projector fans!  Don’t worry, we’re going to get around to all those new projectors shown at CEDIA, from the likes of JVC, Sony, and Epson, but while we’re waiting for those to arrive, I’ve got a full house, starting with the smallest – the Sony MP-CL1, a tiny


Missing at CEDIA 2015: Runco

On occasion, a new projector will surprise me, but perhaps the most surprising thing at CEDIA was the absence of Runco.  Runco, originally founded by Sam Runco, industry legend, was the first company to get involved in creating home theater projectors.

Over the last 20 years or so, Runco established itself as the premier line of home theater projectors in the world, or,


One More New Sony Projector at CEDIA: VPL-HW65ES

I already mentioned this when writing about new projectors shown at IFA a couple of months back.  At CEDIA, Sony was showing the VPL-HW65ES, its replacement for the HW55ES.  So what are the improvements you ask?  Let’s start with 3D.


Sony VPL-VW665ES and VW335ES 4K Projectors at CEDIA

The VPl-VW365 and VW665ES are two new true 4K Sony projectors for those that just can’t afford the VW5000ES that I wrote about separately.

With these two new Sonys come enhancements and better picture quality than the VW350 and VW600ES they replace. They also have longer lasting lamps,


The Home Theater Projector News from IFA

The IFA show is underway in Berlin, and that means new home theater projectors are being announced.  Sprechen sie Deutsch?

I don’t, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of news from IFA. For JVC and Sony showed off a number of new projectors, mostly 4K capable, most


Epson’s Blazingly Bright Home Cinema 1440 Projector Announced


Epson announces Home Cinema 1040 Projector – Affordable. For Any Sized Family


Coming Soon – BenQ HT1075 vs. Epson Home Cinema 2040 Comparison


Epson Announces $649 Home Cinema 740HD Projector

Epson Home Cinema 740HD_RIGHT ANGLE The Home Cinema 740HD is exceptionally bright…


Epson Launches Home Cinema 2040 and 2045 Projectors

The just announced Home Cinema 2040 and Home Cinema 2045 offer major feature and performance upgrades compared to the older 2000 series projectors.  That combined with aggressive pricing makes for a really improved value proposition.

Epson Home Cinema 2045_HEAD ON

Home Cinema 2040 3LCD Home Entertainment Projector with 2200 color and white lumens.

The base Home Cinema 2040 has an official “street price” of $799 while the HC2045 comes in $50 higher at $849. They will be sold by


JVC DLA-RS6710 – Best 2D Projector? JVC vs. LS10000 comparison next

DLA-RS6710-beauty-right_1000 JVC DLA-RS6710 – At over $12,000 possibly…


JVC DLA-RS6710 Projector – Review in the works

The DLA-RS6710U projector is arguably the best 1080p projector on the market. The DLA-RS6710 is the same projector as the DLA-RS67U and DLA-X900R, sold through different channels.

The full RS6710 projector review will publish within the week.


Epson LS9600e Home Theater Laser Projector being reviewed by Ron

Epson’s Pro Cinema LS9600e projector is arriving at Ron’s for review.

Update:  Ron has published his review of the Pro Cinema LS9600e.  For those of you who have already read my review of the LS10000, you might find his interesting as Ron – an engineer, gets a bit more technical than I do. -art


A Few More Projectors from CES 2015

Projectors at CES 2015 may have been limited in number but provided a wide variety from small to large, home to business, including from Sony, Viewsonic, Vivitek, BenQ, LG and more


CES 2015 Day 1: Sony VPL-VW350ES 4K Projector

Sony announced their newest, and least expensive true 4K projector at CES 2015 today. This 1500 lumen projector is geared to bring true 4K to media, family, and living rooms. Officially the price is $9999, but there's special pricing for those that decide to purchase one before March 1st. More on that, and other capabilities...


Epson Home Cinema 5025UB Projector – Holiday Treat #2

Epson's new Home Cinema 5025UB projector, at $1999, may be the lowest cost, high performance projector you can buy for a dedicated home theater or cave.


Optoma HD50 Home Theater Projector – Holiday Treat #1

With Black Friday only hours away, it's time to introduce all you projector fans to the first of two recently launched home projectors.  Both have been announced in the last month.  We haven't received either for review yet, but will be reviewing both projectors.  Both are selling in the $1500 to $2000 range.


Announcing Two Holiday Guides to Home Theater Projector Shopping

It's that time of year again: Time to start thinking about holiday gift giving! And we all know the best kind of gift is one you can enjoy too... All the more reason to make your home theater the star stocking stuffer.


The Rand Luxury Technology Show Features SIM2 Projectors and Vutec Screens

Greetings projector fans! Last week I attended Rand's Luxury Technology Show is Los Angeles. You could think of the show as a tech toy show for the rich and famous. These Rand Luxury shows start with autos, but cover a lot of strange and wondrous other products.


Projectors, Projectors Everywhere – Many to Review

Greetings projector fans, this is just a brief update of what's in the queue, as things are getting crazy around here.