The Art of Home Theater Projectors

Epson LS9600e Home Theater Laser Projector being reviewed by Ron

Greetings projector fans,

Epson’s Pro Cinema LS9600e projector is arriving at Ron’s for review.

The LS9600e is the “little brother” of the LS10000 that I’ve reviewed, and done a video on.  I should note that I’m currently writing up a comparison between the LS10K and the true 4K Sony VPL-VW350ES, so stay tuned.


A Few More Projectors from CES 2015

Projectors at CES 2015 may have been limited in number but provided a wide variety from small to large, home to business, including from Sony, Viewsonic, Vivitek, BenQ, LG and more


CES 2015 Day 1: Sony VPL-VW350ES 4K Projector

Sony announced their newest, and least expensive true 4K projector at CES 2015 today. This 1500 lumen projector is geared to bring true 4K to media, family, and living rooms. Officially the price is $9999, but there's special pricing for those that decide to purchase one before March 1st. More on that, and other capabilities...


Epson Home Cinema 5025UB Projector – Holiday Treat #2

Epson's new Home Cinema 5025UB projector, at $1999, may be the lowest cost, high performance projector you can buy for a dedicated home theater or cave.


Optoma HD50 Home Theater Projector – Holiday Treat #1

With Black Friday only hours away, it's time to introduce all you projector fans to the first of two recently launched home projectors.  Both have been announced in the last month.  We haven't received either for review yet, but will be reviewing both projectors.  Both are selling in the $1500 to $2000 range.


Announcing Two Holiday Guides to Home Theater Projector Shopping

It's that time of year again: Time to start thinking about holiday gift giving! And we all know the best kind of gift is one you can enjoy too... All the more reason to make your home theater the star stocking stuffer.


The Rand Luxury Technology Show Features SIM2 Projectors and Vutec Screens

Greetings projector fans! Last week I attended Rand's Luxury Technology Show is Los Angeles. You could think of the show as a tech toy show for the rich and famous. These Rand Luxury shows start with autos, but cover a lot of strange and wondrous other products.


Projectors, Projectors Everywhere – Many to Review

Greetings projector fans, this is just a brief update of what's in the queue, as things are getting crazy around here.


First Look Projector Review: BenQ HT1075

BenQ's HT1075 adds some capabilities and serves as a very reasonable replacement for the very popular W1070, but it lacks any game changing improvements.


Epson Home Cinema 3000, 3500, 3600e Home Projectors – Launched at CEDIA

Epson is bringing you three new home entertainment projectors - or home theater projectors, if you have the right room. They are, as noted above, the Home Cinema 3000, Home Cinema 3500, and the Home Cinema 3600e projectors.


Sony VPL-VW300ES 4K Projector – Coming to Europe, but not the US?

Greetings everyone, As mentioned in my last post, I had to fly out of CEDIA before day two, and never got to meet with Sony, but have since spoken with them. Of primary interest was the status of the VPL-VW300ES, which was launched in Europe at IFA.


New Projectors at CEDIA 2014

Greetings and aplogies projector fans, only half information for you. A family emergency caused me to fly out early Friday morning after only one day at CEDIA. Due to that, I had to cancel more meetings than I attended, and the last day, I walk the show, and see even more new "stuff."


Epson Ups their Home Theater Projector Game with New Pro Cinema LS10000

Greetings. Seems the word is out about Epson's new higher end home theater projectors thanks to the IFA show in Europe. There are two, but I want to share information primarily on the new Pro Cinema LS10000.


Our 2014 Best Home Theater Projectors Report is Published

Greetings home theater and projector fans,

The 2014 report just went live.

Best in Class Award WinnerWe will still be proofing, and adding minor content over the first week, but this year’s Best In Class awards are all there.  There really aren’t any great surprises for those of you who pat attention to a lot of the reviews, as there were fewer new HT projectors launched in the last 10 months than in most years.  We also lost Mitsubishi which exited both home and commercial projetors.  Check out the report, it’s a lot more condensed than usual, with more


Home Theater Projectors: Best In Class Awards – Coming Soon

vw600es-front-head-on Sony’s VPL-VW600ES – a true 4K projector. Pricey! But your $15K also gets you a 4K media server and an…


Optoma HD91 LED Home Theater Projector Review Published

Greetings projector folks, I’m pleased to let you know that the bulk of the Optoma HD91 projector review is now live.  This is a single chip DLP projector, claiming 1000 lumens, and an LED light source.  It has an impressive 1.9:1 manual zoom lens and a good amount of lens shift.

The HD91 also does 3D, using RF glasses and an included, outboard very small emitter. optoma-hd91As you will find out in the report, the HD91 is rather interesting.  It’s the best attempt at a reasonably affordable solid state light engine (LED in this case), for the home theater.

Warning:  Out of the box the color is way off – in all modes, but it calibrates – cleans up, pretty nicely. After Mike’s calibration I’m still not 100% happy with skin tones – but then with their larger color space, I figure the calibrating is a little tougher.  After chatting with Mike and taking some advice,


Optoma HD91 LED Home Theater Projector – Review Started – First Look

Greetings Home Theater Projector fans, the Optoma HD91 is here.

I spent about four hours playing with it last night, mostly getting a handle on how the LED light engine affects the picture (compared to conventional lamps) and how good/accurate the HD91 is in terms of out of the box color performance.

This afternoon Mike stopped by to pick up the HD91 projector to calibrate it.  I’ll have it back


JVC DLA-RS4910 Projector – First Look

Greetings projector fans –  I just want to say for now that I really am impressed with JVC’s DLA-RS4910.  This projector doesn’t exist in the consumer X series, only on the pro RS.  With a sticker price of about $5500 list.

JVC's DLA-RS4910 produces an impressive picture for a $5000 range projector

JVC’s DLA-RS4910 produces an impressive picture for a $5000 range projector


What I really wanted to say is that the picture is extremely saturated and rich looking, reminds me of a good DLP projector.  I found the iris to be about as invisible as one can hope for, and the blacks really good.

This JVC RS4910 projector isn’t yet calibrated but it has a couple of great looking modes to start with.  Mike will calibrate it when he gets back from his travels, this weekend.  I’ll shoot the movie photos then, do the HDTV in the meantime.

It’s been a few months since I’ve had the Sony HW55ES here, so I’m working from memory.  I figure the JVC has more pop,


Finally More Home Theater Projectors Arriving – JVC RS4910, Optoma HD91

The good news, is that finally, I’ve got a new JVC projector inbound for review.  I want to thank the great folks at AV Science – you know –  the folks that created and brought you the AVSforum, have been kind enough to ship me a DLA-RS4910.  For those not familiar, the JVC DLA-RS4910 is a slightly different version, but almost identical to the DLA-X500R.   I’ve received the tracking number on the JVC projector, so know it’s arriving this coming…


Sony VPL-VW600ES Projector – Review Just Posted

Greetings, this is just a quick note that the first pass of our projector review of the Sony VPL-VW600ES home theater projector has been posted.  That means there’s still a bit more to come, but the core review is there.  Missing still is the VPL-VW600ES calibration information, and some comparisons to the serious projector competition, among other things.


4K content is visually stunning, click for the larger image

The VPL-VW600ES produces an awesome picture.  4K makes such a difference, including a big one with 1080p content, but when you get to watch true 4K content then you are getting a jump in resolution that’s almost as great as going from pre-hdtv NTSC tv to 1080.

True 4K or Ultra-HD is something that is more appreciated by us projector folk than folks with those tiny 65 inch LCD TVs.  We need it more.  Sadly, only Sony is offering up 4K so far, but I predict that will change dramatically over the next two years.

The Sony VPL-VW600ES projector claims 1700 lumens, and delivers on that claim.