Epson Home Cinema 5030 UB Projector Review is Live!

Greetings,  last evening I posted the Home Cinema 5030 UB projector review.  As usual, more work to be done, lots of images to still add, but let me tell you the story that you’ll find told inside the HC5030UB projector review as well.

This isn’t about the projector, just a story about what it took to get the HC5030UB review up…

We received both the Pro Cinema 6030 UB and the Home Cinema 5030 UB on the same day.  This isn’t unusual.  We consider these projectors to be identical, except of course for the known differences relating to anamorphic lens, warranty and black vs. white casing, none of which have impact on picture quality.   Thus we use both to create one review, and then create a mini-review of the other.

Epson HC5030UB Projector – $2599 with 2 pair of 3D glasses. 2400 lumens, and great warranty

We normally post the full review as the Home version, not the Pro, simply because it’s the more popular, and more visible version.  Images are taken with both projectors.

Both are ISF and THX.  So the plan is to measure both, to see how close they are to each other, brightness wise, but only calibrate one.  No point in my spending extra to have Mike calibrate both, dropping in his settings for one should work just fine for the other, give or take variations from lamp to lamp.  And as you and I know, there will be similar minor shifts in color as the lamp ages.

OK. The main problem is that Mike’s calibration gear died, or rather started doing weird stuff.  He calibrated one of them, brought it back and said that it looks terrible, that his gear died, and that he just ordered a new rig and software.

That set us back some time, of course.  His new metering and software arrived last Friday, and he picked up the 6030UB and recalibrated it.  He brought it back Saturday, and in the 4 days since, I’ve spent at well more than 20 hours (easily – probably 10 of football alone).   It is for that reason, that as of today (Wednesday), many of the images in the review are from the older Home Cinema 5020 UB.  Lisa has the batch of images reshot with the new calibration settings.  She will have them processed so that I can replace 5020 UB, and bad 6030 UB images tomorrow.

Mike still has to circle back to the Home Cinema 5030 UB for measurement, but in the meantime I’ve got him working on calibrating the Pro Cinema 4030 so I can finish that review, and the Optoma HD131XE projector as well.  The second set of readings are not important, but I’ll update the review when I get them, so that we show both sets.  Sony’s coming to visit today, hopefully with a projector (probably a VW1100 or HW55ES – I’m hoping for the HW55ES).  Mike I should note is heading up next week to Napa CA to drink wine, dine and relax for 3 weeks, so I have to get everything calibrated that I plan to write about through Thanksgiving holiday, late November, thus the pile up and the Sony visit.

Meantime since only the Pro Cinema gets calibrated this year, you’ll notice that all the images from movies are Pro Cinema images because it’s calibrated (you’ll see that in the file names).  All the HDTV images though are taken using the Home Cinema 5030 UB since I shot those “right out of the box” except for adjusting contrast and brightness as needed (it didn’t need), and lowering the green a little, plus  playing with different Super-resolution setings.

I’ll have Lisa assemble a mini-review for the Pro Cinema 6030 UB as well, based on all my findings.  We do things this way because if we do one review for both (very logical way of doing things) then search engines like google dilute the value of each model, and we don’t rank well. And that means folks can’t find our reviews.  Thus, a full review and a mini.

That’s the story, about this Home Cinema 5030 UB review.

One more thing.  If all goes well, the new site will finally go live this weekend.  (60% – 40%) Fingers crossed.  Thanks -art


News and Comments

  • D Joseph


    Just got my 5030UB in. Installed with a 50′ HDMI cord. got an error. Spoke with epson, they recommended no longer than a 15′. I went to 12′. It works. Currently I have the Xbox 360 hooked directly in to the projector until I can rewire the room. After this I will have Xbox -> Bose V25 Lifestyle receiver -> PJ. 3′ cord from game to receiver, 12′ from receiver to PJ.

    Right now, with gaming syst. hooked directly to the projector. I have lag….half second.

    Any ideas on settings etc. I can make to remedy this.

    FYI, I am a NEW projector owner = dummy.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Art Feierman

      Hi D. Joseph, sorry for the delay. The new site has occupied about 90% of my life this past month. Personally, I’m running a 10 (or is it 12) meter HDMI cable from my Sony PS3. It’s the second best of the Monster HDMI cables. I have 0 problem with it working. I’ve tried some other supposedly fast, but inexpensive cables that I’ve bought online, with very mixed results. One set should have been at least as good as the Monster I have, based on spec, but even at only 6 meters, it had major problems notably with 3D.

      As to gaming – turn off FI/CFI, and find and turn the processing speed from Fine, to fast. Also, while I’m not sure it is important, I turn off the auto sensing of 3D. Any process that has to look forward to the next frame means a delay. But this should do it for you. The 5030 can do 50ms, 1/10th of the 1/2 second you report, and a respectable lag time, if not a great one.

  • Ed

    Art, I downloaded the 5030UB/UBe manual from Epson. I noticed that there appears to be an anamorphic mode on the 5030 – on page 50 it describes an ‘Anamorphic Wide’ aspect setting for use with a anamorphic lens. This wasn’t listed in the 5020UB manual.

    Did Epson add an anamorphic mode to the 5030, or is the 5030 user manual wrong?

    (Even if the 5030UB HAS an anamorphic mode, I know it doesn’t have the sled trigger that the 6030UB has.)

    • Art Feierman

      I think that’s an error in the manual… No sign of any anamorphic support on the projector, or at least not that I noticed!

  • Kane Andersen

    Hi, can you confirm for me that the Australian version of the 5030 Ub is called model EH-EW9200. With epson having so many models I want to make sure I am purchasing the correct model. thanks, and thanks again for being the “go-to” reviewer for projectors. Your website was instrumental for helping me decide on purchasing my Epson 2000 5 years ago and I appreciate you keeping me informed on the latest trends and equipment. Kane Andersen

    • Art Feierman

      I believe you are correct. They aren’t identical,in terms of features, but very close, and should be the same for everything that’s important. I believe the 9200 supports an anamorphic lens, while the 5030 does not. The 6030 here, does. The 5030 is white, the 6030 is black, which is the only other difference between the 6030 and 5030 in terms of performance.

  • Ed

    After reading more of the 5030UB pdf, no mention is made of split screen, and it appears that the picture-in-picture mode is only be available when using the UBe wireless transmitter.

    Is the new 5030UB/UBe manual a hot mess, or have more things changed with the new 5030’s?

    • Art Feierman

      Picture In Picture works fine without the wireless. My normal setup is one hdmi input from DirecTV, the other from my PS3, both cables direct from the sources. Works fine. BUT, there’s separate button on the remote that has PIP on it, for those that are using wireless.

  • Hi Art, thanks a lot for your review!
    Can you measure input lag in fast(not fine) mode without FI turned on?

    • Art Feierman

      Weblogic, that should be 50ms. I will double check, in a couple of days. If it’s not already in the review, I will add it.