Recesso Aurora – A Stunning Light Fixture for your Lights to Enhance your Smart Home

Aurora_SW2010CM_Hammered-plate_ON_640Recesso is a sconce for your recessed ceiling lights. I considered reviewing it as a Home Automation product, but it, by itself isn’t automated, or smart, it, or rather they, just look great.  On the other hand, they all work beautifully with smart – or stupid -lights to make a real, visual difference.

The company that makes Recesso offers other products including matching sconces, and LED retrofit ceiling kits. I saw Recesso last summer at LightFair, the largest lighting trades how in the US.

Recesso  promotes their fixtures as the way of dressing up those obsolete” looking “90’s” 5 and 6 inch recessed lights.  Our dream home has over 100 recessed lights.  That’s a long term project, but I immediately saw a need.

The Recesso Aurora (Aurora is the name of one of their collections), just blew me away when I saw it at LightFair.  While the Aurora didn’t make sense to me esthetically to put 30 in my living room one on each recessed light, perhaps another style would work better for that – check out the images, including the last one, which I think might work nicely if you have a lot of recessed cans to dress up.

But the entryway of our Dream Home cried out for one of these to really dress things up.  You be the judge.

Recesso is made by Dolan Designs, and I should note that Recesso won a Category award at Lightfair a few years back.

The pricing of the Recesso ceiling fixtures seems to typically be $99, which isn’t bad, rather it’s rather awesome considering the end result, which in the case of our Dream Home, the Recesso makes one impressive statement, every time someone enters the house.

So, what’s the connection between this Recesso Aurora, and and Smart lighting?  Simple.  If you think the Aurora, and many of these other fixtures look good with white lights, welcome to the world of color on demand!

Check out these photos of the Recesso Aurora showing different colors from the remotely controlled smart RGB LED light, and with photos taken from different angles and times of day.  I also added an image showing a number of other Recesso ceiling fixtures, plus a shot the matching wall sconce to the Aurora.  The last image is one of the other fixtures, that might look good if you need a number of them in a room?

By my take, smart LED lighting is the perfect match for this Recesso mount.  The world is changing.  10 years ago, you wouldn’t think of using colored lights in rooms in your house, because sooner, or later, that color would get old, boring.  Today though with RGB LED, and RGB+W LED lights, the color and intensity can be whatever you want.  In our dream home, we already match some of the interior lighting, as well as our back patio lighting to match the sunset and the dusk that follows.  The Recesso at the front door now part of that regularly changed home color scheme.

As you can see from the few colors shown here, the Recesso Aurora’s surfaces pick up the color and look spectacular.  Everyone notices the lighting – and the fixture when they first come by.

We do occasionally set the lighting to white, but usually go with various shades of cyan, orange, magenta or red colors.  RGB lighting is fun.  Recesso makes it classy.

We are pleased to announce to the world that this Recesso ceiling fixture receives our very first Too Cool Award.

Installing a Recesso Light Fixture

Installing the Recesso was really straight forward.  There’s a bayonet type mounting ring that gets centered around your existing can.  Once that is mounted (three screws), all that’s left is to take the Recesso, place it against the mounting ring and rotate it, so that the fixture locks into place.

I let our handyman hop up on a ladder and mount the Recesso.  It took him less than 15 minutes from beginning to end, including reading over the documentation.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.34.32 PMWe had only one complaint.  The profile of the bayonet mount is very thin.  The top of the Recesso did scrape slightly against the ceiling when being rotated.  It left some marks that I was able to take right off with the rough side of one of those kitchen sponges.

Perhaps the ceiling of our dream home isn’t as perfectly flat as other homes’ ceiling (it is a 50 year old house), causing the rubbing.  Whether or not that’s the case, it mounted easily enough, and looks great.

The image to the left is a nice quick visual provided by Recesso that shows how simple installation around your recessed can lighting really is.


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