Projector Reviews

Runner-Up: Best in Class ($3500-$10,000+): JVC DLA-RS6710/X900R

JVC’s flagship home theater projector has unmatched black level performance.  If you are only interested in 2D, and 1080 resolution and not 4K or 3D, it’s the best picture you can buy.  Or rather, the bstwithout getting into stratospherically high priced projectors.  I’m talking the high side of $50,000.  That makes something around $12,000 seem like a bargain.

This is the easiest of the higher end projectors to discuss.

Simply stated when viewing 1080p content in 2D, There’s no other 1080p projector that I’ve reviewed, that can touch the JVC DLA-RS6710 or RS67, X900R.  (All three have identical performance.)  They’ve got the blackest blacks on dark scenes, this side of a CRT projector.  Oh, Epson’s laser can go completely pure black if the frame is black, but in scenes that are very dark, but not totally black, the JVC wins easily even if the LS10000 is one of the best at black levels.

The five images above, including two zoomed in shots, are from un-copyprotected 4K content.    (If only the JVC could handle 4K commercial content including Blu-ray UHD which should be the same quality, perhaps better.).  The images below are 1080p or 1080i. 

The massively high native contrast delivers tremendous pop to to dynamic images.

The RS6710 calibrated excellently, with resulting great looking skin tones.

In other words the picture quality is stunning.

Simply stated, the reason the JVC receives the runner-up, not the top award is due to what it can’t do, or do well.

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3D is OK at best, and the JVC isn’t exceptionally bright either which hurts it when it comes to 3D.  JVC has improved their 3D a good deal, but it still seems to be lagging the competition.

But that’s a minor thing, especially since a lot of folks don’t really care about 3D.  (I am a big fan!)

The big issue is handling commercial 4K content, and JVC has not promised any path to achieve that.  Blu-ray UHD is almost upon us, and we are people with big screens, not tiny 65″ LCDTVs.  We’re the ones that can really appreciate 4K, even true 4K fed to a smart 1080p projector.  This JVC would be a much better projector over-all  if it could take that Blu-ray UHD movie and process it and display it with their perfectly good pixel shifting eShift3 hardware/firmware combination.

Without – the JVC has to settle for the runner-up award, but it is still the best 1080p projector out there for pure 2K viewing.