Projector Reviews

JVC DLA-HD250Pro Projector Review

JVC’s DLA HD250 home theater projector is their first enty priced low enough to compete against some of the much higher volume projectors in the $2000 to $3500 price range. While still near the high point of that range, it’s price is low enough for JVC, to generate some serious sales, if still not in the volume league of the Epson Optoma and Panasonic, projectors. How does it stack up? […]

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Peerless itrio HD-Flow HDS100 Multi-room Wireless HDMI Processor – Review

I’m a huge fan of wireless HDMI, which is why I was excited to first see the Peerless HD-Flow HDS100 HDMI system at CES in January. For many, such devices can save a bundle in terms of wiring or, rewiring your room. We have, in the the past looked at a competitor to the HDS100. That was the Gefen system we reviewed a couple of years ago, and which I used, personally, in my last house. The HD Flow has multiple names – just to keep us confused. It is the HD Flow, but it is also the HDS100 (model […]

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