Projector Reviews

JVC DLA-RS4910, DLA-RS49, DLA-X500R Projector Review

JVC DLA-RS4910 and the RS49 and X500R – are superb home theater projectors with excellent black levels, that are 3D capable and accept 4K source material!  They are all the same projector performance wise. This year we were unable to obtain a review unit directly from JVC in a timely basis, so we reached out to one of JVC’s best known dealers – AVS, aka AV Science (click to visit).  Some of you know them as the creator’s of the (although they are now separately owned companies).   I want to express my thanks to them for the loan. Unfortunately […]

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BenQ W7500 Home Theater Projector Review

The BenQ W7500 home theater projector is new for 2014.  An extremely bright DLP projector, it replaces one of our favorite projectors in last year’s Best Home Theater Projectors report. I, and  other reviewers, not to mention a whole lot of home theater projector owners, are big fans of previous BenQ projectors in the series.  The W7500 replaces the two year old W7000, which is most similar.  Like its predecessor, the W7500 is a particularly bright single chip DLP home theater projector, one that is fully 3D capable. MSRP for the BenQ W7500 is $2799, but street price currently appears […]

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