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Darblet DVP 5000 Video Processor Review – Summary

Darblet DVP 5000 Summary

The Darblet DVP 5000 offers a relatively inexpensive means to improve the performance of an already high quality home theater projection system.  Moderate to high-end projectors will perhaps benefit more from the addition of a Darblet DVP 500 than will lower-end models (e.g., 720p projectors).  The bottom line is if you have a reasonably high quality 1080p projector then the Darblet DVP 5000 is a very worthwhile addition and I can certainly recommend it as a very cost effective upgrade.

Home theater owners already considering the purchase of a new higher-end Blu-ray player may want to consider the Oppo BDP-103D with built-in Darbee video enhancement processing as an alternative to the standalone Darblet DVP 5000 processor.