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Epson Ensemble HD 1080 Complete Home Theater System Review: Image Quality-9

Below, left to right, a close-up of the monitor image in Space Cowboys, from left to right: Epson Ensemble HD, InFocus IN82, and the particularly expensive Optoma HD81-LV.

Epson Ensemble HD
InFocus IN82
Optoma HD81-LV





Bottom Line Sharpness: Good for the 1080p class of projectors but definitely not the sharpest. The fact that live 1080i broadcasts appear a little sharper than Blu-ray 1080p movies, just makes the point that with movies from film, there is enough loss of sharpness due to film grain and resolution, that movies can’t push the Epson enough for it to be considered an issue. HDTV looks stunning. Yes there is sharper, but unless you get to play with projectors like I do, you’ll almost certainly never miss that last few percent of sharpness.