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The PowerLite 805F is the black version of the projector, and the  PowerLite 800F is the white version.

The PowerLite 805F chassis is on the smaller side compared to most ultra-short-throw projectors. The projector measures 18.1″ wide x 17.7″ deep x 9″ high, with the lens increasing the height of the projector about four (4) inches higher than most USTs. The PowerLite 805F weighs 21.4 lbs, close to other ultra-short-throw projectors.

An ultra-short-throw projector is valuable for use in various venues such as galleries and retail locations. Any location with a specific need to have an ultra-short-throw projector would be served well by choosing from the PowerLite 800 series. These projectors are also suitable for use in any venue where keeping people from getting between the projector and the screen is beneficial.

The projector’s lens is located toward the front, center, top, or bottom, depending on how it’s mounted. For the rest of the review, you can assume I’ve got the projector sitting on a table because I do. The 805F’s rear features a panel that swings open to reveal the projector’s control panel, screen focus control, and stereo speakers. 

A removable cover on the front of the projector hides its inputs and connections as well as the cables plugged into them.

On the projector’s right side are an air intake and the projector’s filter cover, while on the left is an exhaust vent.


The PowerLite 805F, has wired LAN and HDBaseT for running audio, video, and control signals to the projector from up to 328 feet (100 meters). There are three HDMI inputs for accepting up to 4K content, one RS232C connector, and more. Please see the complete chart below.

Epson Powerlite 805F Projector Connection Panel - Projector Reviews - Image
HDMI (HDCP 2.3) 3
HDMI Out 1
LAN Port 1
Computer 1/2 Ports 2
HDBaseT 1
USB connector Type-B 1
USB connector Type-A 2
Serial: RS232C 1
Audio Out Port 1
Audio/Audio1/Audio2 3


Epson Powerlite 805F Projector Lens - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite 805F is an ultra-short-throw projector with digital zoom up to 1.35x. The lens does not feature any lens shift, but the projector’s AUTO CALIBRATION modes are impressive.

The lens is located on the rear/top of the projector, sticking up about four inches, with manual focus controls behind the door on the back. The PowerLite 805F has 1.0 – 1.35x digital zoom. Combining digital zoom and a 260-degree orientation makes the projector’s installation very flexible. While digital zoom does help with installation, it is best to get the physical placement as close to perfect as possible rather than resorting to digital zoom.

The Epson PowerLite 805F features digital adjustment memory allowing users to save up to three image shapes into the projector’s memory.


Epson Powerlite 805F Projector Controls - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite 805F’s control panel is on the back of the projector (the end pointing in the opposite direction from the projected image) under a flip-up cover that runs the entire width of the projector’s rear. Navigation controls are to the right using a pretty standard four-position navigation button surrounding an enter button. These four buttons, one at each corner of the control surface, are labeled from left to right: Menu, Esc, Home, and Source Search.


Epson Powerlite 805F Projector Lens - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite 805F remote control is a pretty ordinary Epson remote. It fits nicely into your hand, and the buttons have a soft feel. Unfortunately, it is not backlit.

You have a source search option, input buttons, aspect ratio, menu, and escape buttons. Standard controls include page up/down, zoom in/out, and volume up/down. This remote provides access to almost every core feature of the PowerLite 805F.

Although the remote is smaller than some others, the buttons are spaced for easy use.

There are quick-access buttons for color modes, aspect ratio, and even a custom user button that allows you to choose a light source mode, info, test pattern, resolution, on-screen display, image enhancement, or content playback.


The menu images in this section, represent only a small number of all the sub-menus available. I tried highlighting several areas in the sub-menus (image, setting, networking, etc.).

The menu system of the Epson PowerLite 805F is well organized and easy to navigate. I like that there are a lot of settings on multiple pages. Many picture adjustments can be directly accessed via discrete buttons on the remote control.