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Epson Powerlite 805 Projector - Projector Reviews - Image

The Epson PowerLite 805F is capable of displaying a native 1080p image. Three Epson LCD panels power the projector. The PowerLite 805F is a laser light source that produces well over its manufacturer’s claim of 5,000 color and white lumens providing users 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation. 

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The Epson PowerLite 805F projects up to a 130-inch,16:9 image or a super-wide, up-to-120 inches displaying a 16:6 image.

The PowerLite 805F offers 360-degree placement, making it easy to mount in a wide range of venues. It can also be positioned at any angle, from landscape to portrait.

The PowerLite 805F has just about every type of input you could need, and its single cable solution to the HBase-T box is incredibly convenient. And if that’s not enough for you, the PowerLite 805F offers Wi-Fi connectivity with an optional dongle or by connecting the projector to a wireless router. 

Epson Projector Management Software - Projector Reviews - Image

Epson’s multiple software solutions for the PowerLite 805F make the setup and configuration of this projector fast and easy. Epson provides technicians the ability to monitor, adjust, and get projector health alerts should there be an issue. Production engineers’ jobs are now more accessible because Epson has spent time creating efficient software solutions that simplify what is often a complex process.

The PowerLite 805F also included four of Epson’s premium software solutions. Two solutions deal with monitoring and control,

  • Epson Projector Management Software
  • Epson iProjection Software

The other two provide the ability to manage, create and arrange content from your PC or iPhone directly to the projector

  • Epson Content Manager Software
  • Epson Creative Projection App

In addition to Epson’s software the PowerLite 805F offers compatibility with Crestron Connected software, PJLinkk and Extron XTP for better integration with third-party control and monitoring software solutions and hardware.

The PowerLite 805F is an ultra-short-throw projector that can be placed inches from the display surface. As an ultra-short-throw projector, no one can walk into the 805F’s light beam and cast a shadow on the projected image. The projector can sit on a desk or other surface below or above the screen, with an optional wall mount.

The PowerLite 805F can save shapes in memory which is convenient for multi-projector setups.

Epson has done an outstanding job making sure that the out-of-the-box color modes provide a balanced image for installations where you don’t have the luxury of choosing between brightness and color.

This projector’s black levels are good, especially considering where it will likely be deployed. While I noticed that some of the darker areas of images have a slight blue cast, I don’t think this will be noticeable in digital signage applications. Nor should it stop you from considering this projector as an addition to your inventory.

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The Epson PowerLite 805F is an excellent professional projector offering competitive features focused on digital signage and more at a very competitive price. Frankly, there are a lot of other professional categories that could make use of an ultra-short-throw projector like this one. The projector is not perfect, but it produces a lovely image, making it an excellent choice for use in retail, pop-ups, and events. The PowerLite 805F can be used in galleries and other venues where keeping attendees from walking between the projector and the screen is beneficial.


There are not a lot of professional projectors with the PowerLite 805’s feature set, and at its MSRP of $2,825. The competitive projectors I’ve listed are more expensive than the Epson PowerLite 805 series and use DLP rather than 3LCD.

Optoma ZU500USTe – $3,599 Retail

The ZU500USTe is powered by a long-lasting, low-maintenance DuraCore laser light source. The lamp-less and filter-free design vastly reduces running costs for a lower total cost of ownership.

The ZU500USTe weighs 12.5 lbs. This projector can be mounted just inches from a wall or screen surface and can project an image size over 100 inches. The ZU500USTe supports 24/7 operation and flexible installation orientation. This projector offers a wide-ranging use case, including digital signage, shop windows, retail displays, or galleries.

BenQ LU960UST – $5,999 Retail

The BenQ LU960UST 5,200-lumen WUXGA ultra-short-throw laser DLP Installation Projector. It outputs up to 5,200 lumens to provide highly visible images, even in settings with ambient light. The ultra-short- 0.25:1 throw ratio lets you place the projector within 3′ of your screen or wall to achieve pictures up to 150″ while helping to avoid on-screen shadows.


  • Very bright 5,836 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • $2,825.00 MSRP
  • 1080p Full HD laser display 
  • 3LCD technology provides equal color, and white lumens
  • A laser light source lasts 20,000 hours (NORMAL); 30,000 hours (ECO)
  • Installation flexibility with built-in GEOMETRIC CORRECTION and EDGE BLENDING
  • Projects 65″-130″ (16:9), 61″-120″ (16:6)
  • Contrast ratio over 2,500,000:1
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Save shapes in memory for easy multi-projection setups
  • Transmit uncompressed video up to 328 feet with HDBaseT
  • Free Epson Content Management Software and app 
  • Miracast for wireless casting from compatible devices


  • A wireless adaptor is not included
  • The Remote is not backlit
  • The very dark areas of some images can have a mild blue hue to them
  • The image is a little soft around the far edges of the screen