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Other Cool Features of the Epson Ensemble HD 1080

I’ve touched on some of these before, the goal here is not to overlook some of the things the Epson Ensemble HD can do, that might not be obvious.

Midnight Mode

You’ve got to love this feature. Understanding that there comes a time of the day, when you can’t crank up the system to levels you would like, midnight mode comes to the rescue. With midnight mode engaged, bass is reduced somewhat, and both highs and lows are compressed, so that the the loudest passages, are not as loud, but the low and middle volume range aren’t reduced as much. This takes a bit of the punch out of the music (or movie’s sound), but is a better solution than, perhaps, just lowering overall volume which typically makes quieter passages, and instruments too soft to enjoy. Good job!

Multiple formats accepted by the DVD player

I listed them all on the first page of the review, but want to make the point, that the system can handle most user burned CDs, and one (DVD-R) recordable format. It also can play assorted files off of data CDs like .jpg, and .wma.

The USB port on the front

Perfect for playing some computer files (.jpg again, for example), as well as just popping in the memory card from your digital camera.

Headphone Jack!

Brilliant! Life isn’t fair, for, sometimes we have families or neighbors and can’t crank up the system. Even midnight mode might not work for you. Switch to headphones, it’s not as much fun, but, better than listening to an action movie at 1/3 of normal volume.

AM/FM tuner

Of course it’s nice to have them. What’s nice, is that if you plan to use the tuner, that the system allows you presets so you can quickly find your favorite stations. (No, the tuner is not an FM-HD tuner.)

Preset screen drop

I’ve also mentioned this. It allows you to determine how far down the screen comes, and that can be invaluable in getting your screen height exactly where you want it. Those people with “front and rear rows” of seating, typically want the screen a little higher, so the folks in back can see better.

Additional Radio Frequency capabilities

The Ensemble HD 1080 remote system (RF) works great, but what to do if you have other components that are infra-red, and you want them behind doors. The Ensemble will support RF base stations, so that their remote can handle those infra-red devices that can be converted to radio frequency. (A specialty, I believe, of Universal Remote Control, who makes the Ensemble remote.)