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Shadow Detail Performance 3

MovieMate 60 lotr watchfire
PLV-Z60 LOTR watchfire large
IN82 LOTR watchfireLgnormal

MovieMate 60 - Overall Color & Picture Quality

All considered, the MovieMate 60 puts a pretty good looking image up on the screen. It’s colors are rich, and very reasonably accurate, and shadow detail is very good. Black levels are the projector’s weakness, but I’d say that black level performance is rather reasonable for a familyroom, bonus room, backyard type projector. Skin tones are actually very good. Perhaps the biggist issue is the projectors relatively low resolution, which means slightly, but definitely visible pixels at normal seating distances. For the last few years, only with all-in-ones, have we encountered any resolution below 720p among the home theater projectors.

Here are a variety of images, that don’t have critical dark areas, and look great.