Projector Reviews

Overall Color & Picture Quality

Stunning! The blacks are as black as they get, and no dynamic iris, dark shadow detail is more than fine enough. Color is on the money, the skin tones look pretty darn natural, and the image doesn’t much “pop”, as look clear, thanks, apparently to the optics.

For 2D, you’ve got to love the picture. Even if you favor that DLP look, you’ll love the dark blacks on those really dark scenes, when the DLA-RS60 projector really can look far better than almost anything else.

Remember, not only does the JVC deliver a “blacker black”, but while doing so, it isn’t lowering the brightness of white. With dynamic irises you have less overall dynamics, so you slide that up and down in brightness depending on the scene

With the JVC, the whites are just as bright on an otherwise extremely dark scene, as they are on a full daylight scene. Projectors with DI’s just can’t claim that, and it does make a real and very visible difference when viewing two projectors side by side. Even excellent competition such as the Sony VPL-VW90ES, just can’t match the range of the RS60.

A mix of additional images to show off the DLA-RS35 and RS25 (RS60’s coming, we hope)

And here are a few more images, the two from Dark Knight, followed by two from an old favorite movie of mine: Blazing Saddles, plus a few assorted scenes from movies and digital video sources. The very bottom line on overall image quality and color: It doesn’t get much better than this. Rich, very accurate colors, good saturation, and those superb, unmatched blacks, plus a lot of lumens for movie viewing, pretty much insure a great viewing experience, and one that can handle a larger screen too.