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JVC DLA-RS1 and Sharp XV-Z20000 Home Theater Projectors: A Comparison Review – Overview

Choosing between two great 1080p home theater projectors

For purposes of this comparison, I’ll use our standard five page format:  Overview, Image Quality, General Performance, Warranty, and Summary.  Since both projectors have full reviews, I certainly won’t go into the full details again, but will concentrate on the differences and similarities.  The goal is to help you decide between two truly excellent, under $10,000 projectors, to create you dazzling home theater environment.

Here goes:

JVC RS1 and Sharp Z20000 Home Theatre Projectors - Overview

Both the JVC DLA-RS1, which is also sold as the JVC HD1, with a slightly different styled case, and the Sharp XV-Z20000 produce image quality that would make all but the most fanatical and/or extremely rich people perfectly happy.  Yet, there are enough differences that most people considering these two, will find that one definitely will suit their specific needs, wants and room environment, better than the other.

Editor’s note:  I will attempt to produce a well balanced, objective comparison, but we all have our “biases”.  In this case, I currently use the JVC RS1 in my home theater.  I can say, however, that I am as impressed with the Sharp as the JVC.  Still, I wanted to make it clear, upfront, that I am a JVC owner.

From a technical standpoint, we have two different technologies in play here.  The Sharp, is a classic single chip DLP projector, while the JVC RS1 is a three chip LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) projector.  JVC calls their LCOS technology D-ILA (Sony calls their LCOS – SXRD).  Traditionally, DLP’s have offered better natural contrast (than LCOS or LCD), and therefore better black levels, and shadow details.  Currently most LCOS and LCD projectors have had to rely heavily on “technology”, like dynamic irises and “AI”  to enhance black levels and shadow detail, in order to compete with DLP.  Doing so, there have been some impressive results, notably Sony’s VW50 Pearl, and some impressive LCD models.  This difference, though, between technologies, has seen a major shift, with the JVC RS1, which has redesigned LCOS chips that challenge, no, seem to exceed, the performance of DLP projectors, and doing so without extra technology like dynamic irises.

From a physical standpoint, these projectors are somewhat similar, but, there are still some dramatic differences.

Both are very similar in size and weight.  Both have center mounted zoom lenses, both can be shelf mounted if the distances are the same, and finally neither one would be considered a quiet home theater projector, although there is still a notable difference in audible noise levels.

OK, let’s get started!