Projector Reviews

Overall Color & Picture Quality

Beautiful would probably a good word to describe the JVC DLA-RS15’s general picture quality. Any minor imperfections in color accuracy are more than made up for by the the well saturated colors, and some of the blackest blacks around, resulting in a vibrant, very pleasing image. It’s so like my old RS1. I can fully appreciate the more expensive JVC’s, but like my RS1, the JVC RS15 gets you 90% of the way there, and that’s something to behold, on your screen.

It’s hard not to dwell on the other JVC’s while writing this. So consider please that I also spent a little time with the JVC sitting next to the new InFocus SP8602 (the next review). In the side by side, the InFocus has the slightly more precise color, and a touch better skin tones, but either of them look about equally good, alone.

If you are hard core, you might demand more than the RS15 can deliver in overall color handling, but I can tell you this, I could get by pretty well with the RS15, if I didn’t have my RS20. Enough said.

The very bottom line: Skin tones are very natural, overall color accuracy is very good, but not the very best. There’s a slightest addition of teal to what I think should be pretty standard blue. Not much, but enough that it’s visible in side by sides with the other JVC projectors. I believe this ties to the slight blue green push in the very dark areas. When it’s all over and done with, this JVC if anything is a touch more vibrant on bright scenes than the other JVCs. I’d say the RS15 is, overall, well described by vibrant, rich colors. How’s that sound?

JVC DLA-RS15 Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

With only 100 lumens difference between “best and brightest” It’s tempting to just use “best” mode for sports. That said, you probably won’t do that. The picture quality of the RS15 in “brightest” mode, is almost as good. Pick whichever works for you.

The main thing is that the RS15 doesn’t have an overly bright mode. with barely 750 lumens (zoom at mid-point), it comes in well below average in brightest mode comparisons (consider average about 1000 lumens).

The main downside, is that the JVC doesn’t have a whole lot of lumens to spare if you want some ambient light around when watching, be it sports or some interesting HD programming.

As a JVC owner, this is a problem I appreciate. Every football weekend (or the Olympics), I fire up my JVC and wish it had an extra 500 lumens. Still, I do get by fairly well, and that’s with a nice, big, 128″ diagonal screen!

The other item worth mentioning is sharpness. The JVC is very typical of a 1080p projector, but, the sharper single chip DLP’s do take sharpness up one small level, and it is best appreciated on nice all digital content like sports and Discovery HD. You can work the detail enhancement to improve the appearance of sharpness. Still you can only add a little before you start seeing the affects elsewhere, as with most controls.