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Shadow Detail Performance 3

Again, from Space Cowboys, this is a cropped image. The right side is very bright (so dynamic irises will not be effective). The DLA-RS35 (top left) shows very good shadow detail in the dark areas of the satellite. Next to it on the first row, is the Epson Home Cinema 8500UB/Pro Cinema 9600UB, Those images are followed by the Optoma HD806 and the PT-AE3000 (second row). The third row is the Mitsubishi HC7000 (left), and the Sony VPL-HW15.

JVC DLA-RS35 spacecowboys walk
8500UB spacecowboys walk
HD806 spacecowboys walk
PT-AE3000U spacecowboys walk
HC7000 spacecowboys walk large
VPL-HW15 spacecowboys walk

Next is a frame from the last Indiana Jones movie. You’ll see this one in other recent reviews. The details still found as the walls and fixtures darken toward the top, are a good way to compare shadow detail. Like others mentioned above, this was taken with the RS25. Because on most images, the two look virtually identical, I didn’t do a full batch of images for the RS35.

On the left, is the JVC DLA-RS35, the middle, the Epson 8500UB/9500UB, and on the right, the VPL-VW85. The exposures are all a little different, but you should be able to appreciate the combination of shadow detail and dark blacks

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